Why do the majority of robotic creations resemble the females figure? Where does this idea come from? This question and some other encountered along the way resume in only one term known as gynoids. A gynoid also known as fembot is a concept that appears in the science fiction genre to refer to a humanoid robot that possess female attributes. The term has gained popularity in the science fiction genre over the past years since many of the robots that are shown in films and movies depict beautiful and sexy female features. In modern science fiction, gynoids are depicted as domestic servants and sexual objects to attract their audience, in particular the male gender. In the actuality, the term gynoid has brought to reality as many of the robotic designs that have been developed, clearly portrays a female appearance rather than just simply robotic machine. The apparition of these female robotic machines in the real world has brought a reason of debate and controversy especially regarding to the female gender. According to some feminist groups, these machines are an example of how society perceives women which causes the objectification of women as well. For this reason, this essay discuss how this science fiction term translates into reality, and how these female-robotic designs contribute with the objectification of women as well, affecting the society we live in.

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