Never give up despite the obstacles you might encounter in your path towards success. That is my personal motto. It has helped to continue my career and achieve my goals. Although I have faced many challenges, I have learned throughout the years to never quit. On the contrary, I have courageously pushed myself to overcome those obstacles and accomplish my dreams. One of these challenges was to learn to write and read in another language. But, my appreciation for literature and infinite love for books has helped to see this challenge as a fun game with one possible outcome: win it. All this have led me to take this Science Fiction intensive writing course. At first, the main objective I was looking to acquire from this course was to improve my writing skills as well as increase my knowledge of the science fiction genre. Little did I know that this course would help me develop into a better writer, thinker, and reader while increasing my interest towards the Science Fiction genre.

At a young age, I discovered the world of Fiction and since then, I became a passionate reader of this genre. However, I never thought there are more subgenres of Fiction, and particularly the Science fiction genre. When I was introduced to this class, a new world opened to my eyes and started growing fond of the subject. Then I was faced to the inevitable: our homework assignments consisted on sharing our ideas to the rest of our fellow classmates by writing in blog through the OpenLab website. At first the thought of writing blogs about science fiction stories seemed frightening and difficult to me. Not only because of the fact that everyone in the class would read my ideas and personal thoughts, but also I was mostly afraid that I would not be able to properly write a well-developed blog without having a significant amount of grammatical errors. Nevertheless, with the help of the professor, classmates and above all my strong determination I decide to face my challenge and work to succeed them. I can only agree that my knowledge of thinking about the Science Fiction genre has significantly increased throughout the course of the semester. As the class progresses, I have become more participative in the class and group discussions, compared to when I started the course. The close readings, annotations, and analysis of each of the science fiction novels and stories have been helpful since I have been able to apply these knowledge to the rest of my courses. Surely, I have become a better critical reader and thinker as I can now easily find and analyze textual evidence from a book to support a claim or main theme. It has also helped me enrich my vocabulary as I have learned new key words and definitions that I did not utilize before in writing or speaking. By doing the blog assignments I have learn to place my ideas and thoughts in an organized way so they would sound coherently to the readers. I have improved so much since I started this journey and this has been reflected through my grade. Who would have thought that from being a pessimistic girl who thought that would always get a grade of 3 in her blogs, she would improve and become a more confident winner girl who would get 4’s and 5’s and what is most impressive, some of them being choose by the professor as featuring posts due to the good quality of my work. This has only motivate to continue to get even better and accomplish what I dream and want.

I should point out that the knowledge and skills I have obtained throughout this course has been of increasable value in other courses. I have utilized the skills and knowledge acquired from this class in other areas of study such as Philosophy, English, Math, and courses related to my Computer Engineering major. Especially my philosophy class since the majority of the time our main work is based on some close reading and analyzing of the book in order to understand the ideas the philosopher tries to convey to his readers.

Sure enough I have learned so many concepts through the course of the semester, yet I still a long way to go. I hope to learn more about the sci-fi film and some more background history behind it. I also look forward to read more stories of this genre. I want to learn all the necessary tools that would make me improve my writing skills. I might not be the greatest reader/thinker but with my strong determination and power of will help me become the best version of me.