The way how things are in life, some people may believe in God, though some people don’t. After reading Chapter 17 in “Brave New World,” this chapter talks about how they view on who God is and what he does. People may believe onto the things that God has done for humanity, but they would mostly believe in the top famous humans more than God.

Let’s started off on how God is suppose to be. It started when Mustapha Mond was reading a book to the Savage about the happiness of God. The quote that was most important about God was when Mustapha read “We are not our own any more than what we possess is our own. We did not make ourselves, we cannot be supreme over ourselves. We are not our own masters. We are God’s property” (208). This shows that people who are at the top ranks can’t be the true leaders. This quote is saying that we are the children of God. When he read the book to Savage, he asked Mustapha about why people don’t think that there is no God. Then he said to him “But he manifests himself in different ways to different men. In premodern times, he manifested himself as the being that’s described in these books” (210). Mustapha also told Savage that “He manifests himself as an absence; as though he weren’t there at all” (210). These quotes show that in certain times, citizens would think of God as not a real person. Meaning that they think that God doesn’t exist.

For this matter, we readers can related that in real life. The way how people would believe in God is because of religion. In the ways of religion, you would mostly see Christianity give praise to God. How they would do that is when they would go to Churches. They would have Books of Hymns, a choir to sing about God and the pastor. Also, people would say that God was the one who created mankind. Unfortunately, for those who don’t believe in God would that it was science that created mankind. They would say that it was because of evolution of a monkey turning into a human. So whether people believe in God or not is their choice.

So seeing the things we’ve gone over, it’s a saying that people have their own opinions. Some may say that God is a fact, while others say that that they would disagree with that statement. Now the real question is, “Do you think that God exist or not?”