ENG 2420: Science Fiction

City Tech, Fall 2016

Getting to Know Joselin Campoverde!


Kon’nichiwa Minasan! -> Hello Everyone! I am majoring in Computer Engineering Technology at New York City College of Technology. This will be my third year in this major. I was born and raised in ECUADOR(with the sun burning all 365 days of the year). I came to the United States of America in 2012 and graduated from high school(again!) in order to learn the new language English of course (which did not take me very long). I graduated with honors and obtained a scholarship to continue my studies in college which led me to City Tech. Among my interests,hobbies, and passion is that I like to read. I would say that I have a DECENT knowledge of several books and authors. I  especially enjoy reading fictional books and graphic novels, those are some of my favorites. I also LOVE, but literally LOVE, going to the gym. That is like my second home(well now third after school and home). It might seem unbelievable but what motives me to go almost every single day is that almost two years ago I lost 60 pounds by working out when i was in a wight range i wasn’t comfortable with and made me insecure and now since i lost all that weight i have a new goal which is  my current goal, which is to build muscle(even tough it might sound weird, but well that is just me) and grow stronger. I also love Math, its my favorite subject, I  don’t understand why many people that i met through my experiences seriously dislike/ hate it(it breaks my heart a little). I find so much joy solving problems and helping my friends and classmates to understand a particular math problem. Another interest i have is programming.  I’ve always been involved with programming, I even have previous knowledge of programming from my country when i took classes when i was in high school. The thing that I love about programming is that it involves some logical thinking to solve a problem, you really have to think to find the solution and you get the utmost feeling of accomplishment when you find the solution. In the future, I aspire to become a famous hacker and be chased by the FBI(just kidding).

During the summer break I was working two jobs: one at Chipotle (please seriously do not say OMG  I LOVE CHIPOTLE, CHIPOTLE IS MY LIFE….) in which I have been for two years, and the second one in Micro Center in which I got to meet amazing people and gained a lot of knowledge and experience regarding new technologies. For the upcoming winter break, I am planning on going back to my beautiful country, enjoy the flaming sun, the ocean, and spend time with my loved ones that I miss so much.

I could say that my strengths as a writer is that I can write a significant amount of pages without getting tired or bored. I like to use sophisticated words in my writing so I would make my paper more appealing and interesting. Most of the time, I have all the ideas accumulated in my head and I just put in paper before running out of them. However, one of my weakness is that when I turn my paper over someone else; they find several grammar corrections or words that do not belong there. Another issue when writing is finding out how to translate some words from Spanish to English in order to make a sentence comprehensible. As a reader, I personally enjoy reading different kind of books because it is a great way to expand my vocabulary and have a better understanding about life. I will literally never get tired of reading books. I have read some famous science fiction books such as Fahrenheit, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek. The science fiction author that really catches my attention for his writing style is the author Ray Bradbury.

I have previously had some background with OpenLab. I created an account for my English Composition 1 class and since then I have used the account to browse and read posts of other students from City Tech. You definitely can find really interesting materials in OpenLab. I RECOMMEND IT TO ALL OF YOU!

Personally I prefer reading fiction books over non-fiction books. I find it very creative and brilliant the way in which an author can describe a story or come up with several ideas and put them together in a book only using his/her imagination. I believe that Science Fiction has a small connection with my Computer Engineering major since this genre also involves talking about the future, technology, and the power of technology on humankind.

For this reason, what I expect from this course is to learn more in depth the specific concepts of science fiction and have the opportunity to read other famous fiction books, analyze them and understand the meaning of the books we read during class. To end I would like to ask: if fiction is related to imaginary events that have not occurred in reality, why science fiction talks more about the future and the effects of technology on the human race that are happening in the actual world?



  1. Reading about you’re joie de vivre makes me feel exhausted! Envy your energy Joselin.

  2. I am very much impressed with your passion for writing, technology, science, math, health and fitness. It’s an explosive combination. I am so glad to see that you a CET student. We need more students like you in our department. Infact, we have some student projects going on in the department that involve all of your areas of interest; computer technology, health and fitness, math, science and technical writing. You can become a good role model for other students by getting involved with one of these research projects. Looking forward to seeing you excel in your studies in the CET department.

    Professor Zia

  3. Live long and prosper \\\//

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