City Tech, Fall 2016

Getting to know Emmanuel

My name is Emmanuel Rodriguez and I’m a Biomedical Informatics major here at NYCCT. This is my fourth year here but i still have some classes to go since I switched majors a few years back. I was born in the Bronx but raised between there and Queens.  For me, this was the best and worst summer due to personal circumstances but I’m finally moving on with my life to get where I want to get going. I spent this summer playing handball and working in between the semesters to pay the bills. I want to visit the Colorado Rockies this winter and enjoy the serenity of the mountains.

One of my main interests is bicycling. It had helped me lose the weight I gained after I finished my enlistment in the US Army. I’ll bike just about anywhere  where my feet can take me now. I also took an interest in PC building not too long ago and built my own computer. Crime or medical dramas like The Knick and True Detective are my favorite; or comedies such as Broad City or Workaholics. Pizza is my vice, as I can’t get enough of it. Lastly, I began to learn physics on my own from free lectures online.

My "battlestation"

My “battle station”

Writing is important to me because events during my enlistment had affected me in ways I couldn’t comprehend. I realized that writing about these experiences helped me accept  what happened and spilling my emotions on paper really gave me the help I needed. I welcome critical thinking and writing because its can be beneficial to get a different perspective of your work from someone else so you know what message your sending with your words. This is my first time using OpenLab and it seems pretty straightforward, nothing confusing about it so far.

I am a casual fan of science fiction since I saw Back to the Future as a kid, but Cloud Atlas is absolutely my favorite. I also like alternate timeline science fiction, but the cliche of the Nazis winning WW2 and ruling the world is sort of played out. I’ve only started reading sicence fiction books like Brave New World and Dark Prophecy.  Science fiction can become real life the sooner we make discoveries like nuclear fusion in physics and human genome manipulation in biology (although the ethics of the latter can be debatable). I hope that these leaps in science will be made in our lifetime. I want to learn a lot in this class about the different fields that cover science fiction, maybe even write one of my own.

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  1. Johnny

    I share your vices. Hope you’ve tried Artichoke pizza, by far one of my favorites.

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