City Tech, Fall 2016

From Science Fiction To Real life.

I want to do a Research project based around Scientific advancements pulled straight out the ideas in science fiction books. The reason I want to do this because in the near future we are going to be able to do things people could only dream about in the many science fiction novels we have read throughout our lives. All it took was the idea of another world to make someone go into their lab and craft the very idea they read about when they were children, and I find it a very cool concept. I don’t want to end up listing different inventions that ended up becoming real because you wouldn’t actually learn anything so i want to focus more on the space travel aspect, and the colonization of different worlds. My first portion of my project will deal with analyzing the concept of Hyperspace and where it was first created, then ill expand that into the real life concept and tests done to make it a reality. After the hyperspace concept has been explained i want to move into planetary colonization, which would only be possible if we had the ability to master Hyperspace (which generally drastically decreases the time it takes to travel from one point to another in space). Hyperspace would turn the average trip to Mars from two and a half years to months, or even days. It took the fastest rocket we had to make a 9.5-year voyage to Pluto and its moons, this trip could be turned into a year with the use of Hyper space. This would also open the possibility of travel to planets further out in the solar system, even exploration of other galaxies. I also want to touch on the idea of terraforming which is another science fiction concept being brought to real life.  In the near future our plan is to travel to mars and terraform it to be able to hold Human life without a spacesuit. If we are able to terraform Mars the idea of space colonies will be a possibility, and all the comics books you read about Humans expanding into known space and the unknown leaving earth behind will be real. We are in the age where these things are possible, the ideas and the equipment are being Built and refined. First is mars, then the rest of the solar system.

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  1. Jill Belli

    Cody, I like the idea that you are thinking about “the space travel aspect, and the colonization of different worlds” as I think there is a lot of potential here. However, as we discussed today during peer review, this is still pretty broad and ambitious, as you are proposing discuss hyperspace, space travel, terraforming (etc.) in such a short project. It would be helpful for you to focus your topic more, and do some additional research that will help you to shape this further. Rather than simply reporting on some inventions/predictions (such as space travel and teraforming), can you explore some of the implications for these things? Can you contextualize them within our contemporary context (will we need to colonize other planets because life on our own planet is unsustainable?).

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