The horrors of the apocalypse doesn’t only change the environment, it also diminish the improvements in society, most of all it changes the behavior of human beings. Normally, in a civil society people thrive for success, advancement and the pursuit of happiness. All things taken away from society, people reactions will determine their will to survive. However, in the journey of survival, existence will be based on how a person is able to adapt to chaotic change and the will to overcome fear and confusion of a post-apocalyptic world. Social norms require people to act in a mannerism of morality and politeness. Human behavior in the post-apocalypse is extensive, therefore exploring the reasons people change will create an indication as to why humans rely so heavily to a civilized society. The human mind is critical when creating apocalyptic text. For the reason that all human beings behave differently given a change in setting, from normal to chaotic, their perception on things will differ. Thus, research surrounds the psychology, as well as, the sociology of human behavior, at the same time basing it on a post-apocalyptic setting. Moreover, examples of post-apocalyptic text will support the way humans change and behave in the Post-Apocalypse.

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