City Tech, Fall 2016

Existential Questions.

Existential Questions. Whether or not life has meaning, and why we exist. I like to think that every single person gives life their own meaning. Based on what you think is important and what you like to follow. I think that Existential Questions are such a big deal because they bother a lot of people. Whether or not life has a meaning, and why we exist, these are things that basically run the world I.E religion. Religions are created to give us answers to those questions and silence the fears.


Many of the existential questions in our life today are brought up in The Brave New world and I find it incredible that the author was able to make predictions and make it such a relatable book based on how old the book is.


What is happiness ? The government in their world government thinks that happiness should be constant at all times and it’s why Soma is taken at the moment someone feels discontent or uncomfortable. People who are kept drugged, and medicated can’t question what’s going on in the world around them. I connect this directly to today’s epidemic of how people are addicted to prescription drugs. How doctors, and policies push these drugs on people constantly and it’s also enforced by our governments through their policies and lobbyist.


One thing that I found interesting and I questioned at the beginning of the book was why they needed to grow human beings at such an enormous rate? Thousands at a time. After getting details about the global war they had the destroyed much of the world it makes more sense because the population of the world was probably decimated. Which is related to World War 2 because the rewrite of the book was introduced after the author witnessed it. So the world government decided to grow humans to repopulate but they found ways to grow humans exactly as needed. Just the right amount of brainpower that they can handle basic functions and not enough for them to be able to understand their situation. And continue to keep them drugged to keep power over them. This whole situation between how they engineered humans as they wished and keeping everyone drugged; I found it awesome that through all this, the human spirit could still persist, could still come out in small ways. In Helmholtz on this want to write and create more important work than what he was doing for the government creating hypnopaedic rhymes. In Bernards insecurities, and also cockiness. How he felt so inferior to everyone but the second he has his hands on the “Savage” the new power goes to his head so quickly he loses it when people start to treat him like they did before.


When it comes to happiness relating to this book if you’re happy all the time, then there is absolutely no way for you to know what real happiness is. If you haven’t experienced sadness, discomfort or anything how can you know the difference between anything if you’re always happy. The reason happiness is great is because it’s different from the rest of the emotions we experience. The only people who experienced TRUE Happiness are Helmholtz and Bernard. When Helmholtz met John the savage and they exchanged rhymes, and John showed him Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. That Was real happiness and emotion that Helmholtz demonstrated, he was ecstatic to hear a different kind of writing, to see the raw emotion even though his hypnopaedic conditioning reared it’s ugly head even then because he thought some of the emotions made no sense. Bernard in feeling sad, in feeling inferior to his peers. This allows him to feel something different. When he finally feels happiness, it’s true happiness. He feels this when he brings John to the civilized world and people are finally wanting to hang out with him. It didn’t last long but it was real and that’s what’s important.

The question of happiness is probably the most important to me.

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