Please see the Essay 1 Assignment, as all instructions/comments apply here. Also, make sure to follow the Assignments: Formatting, Guidelines, and Submission expectations, and the helpful tips/strategies provided below and the materials under Writing Resources. & the Assignment.

Writing Task & Purpose
For this second essay, write a 5-7 page thesis-driven essay that presents an argument about Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and uses subsequent claims/evidence from the text to explore and support this point.


Due: Tuesday, 11/5 by 4pm (start of class).

  • Submit file via Dropbox (Cover Letter + essay in one file, corrected labeled, as Word document) + bring printed copy to class.
  • If you do not turn in your essay in the correct format (digitally via Dropbox and printed copy) by the start of class on Tu 11/15, you will receive no credit for the entire assignment. There are no extensions.┬áLate work will not be accepted and will receive no credit.

Essay 2 is worth 15% of your overall course grade.


Cover Letters
You must include a cover letter (one page long, typed, single-spaced) as the first page of your essay (this letter does not count toward the minimum length of your essay). This reflective letter should be addressed to your readers (me and your peers), and should be written in the first person (it can be informal/personal). Essays without Reflective Cover letters will not be accepted & will receive no credit. This Cover Letter presents the process┬ábehind your essay, and therefore doesn’t restate what your essay claims (the product) but rather┬ádiscusses your drafting/revising process for this essay. Even though you are only submitting a final draft to me, you should go through a number of steps (pre-drafts such as in-class discussions, blogs, freewriting, group discussion, brainstorming, outlining, first drafts, conferences with me and Learning Center tutors, etc.) before you hand it in, and this Cover Letter shows how your essay has changed along the way.