It is strange to see some one with a memory outside his knowledge. The only case I ever saw is when someone looses his memory because of a big problem that happened to him. Like a hit on the head or something on his brain not functioning. However, it is not the case in do androids dream of electric sheep ? The machinery humans who are suppose to be given to each human in Mars are back in earth some how with out their knowledge. Polokov one of the nexus six rick is haunting ends up being ricks partner who sent by the soviets representation on Mars. Actually not from Mars but since he is an andriod then it came from Mars (88, 89).

After reading a little on chapter six and chapter seven I discoverd that the Voigt-Kampff works correctly except that who made the test is a company owned and operated by one family which leaves a problem their as ricks discoverd recently that one of the family members is actually an andriod. A hint: the company could of actually making androids on earth and by large amounts it doesn’t say that in to text but if that happen to be true later on Next chapters it could mean that there is a lot of nexus’s and not just six of them. Ricks find out that his new partner is the first bounty and he nailed him ( 91,92,93 ), that left our question hanging by the way because we still don’t know weather the company talk is true.

Ricks victory yet to be cel berated ” tell Harry Braynt that I got polokov ” ricks said which means he made the $1000 bounty prize. The next target is in the opera house which made a very interesting point that distinguish humans from androids. Music are the empathy of humans they react to it. Not androids that is also explained after gotten the next target when she asked Rick to buy her a gift. Luft at that point realized that Rick is human which is again ironic because Rick is not at a position to be judged weather he’s an android or not. But that showed her that she was actually an andriod because she would of never done it. Androids have an artificial feelings unlike humans it can be triggered ( 99, … , 110 ).

At the moment when ricks got arrested I though for a minute that he had been played by android to kill all bounty hunters. When crams find out about the list Rick have in his brief case he took a look and then told Rick they are all bounty hunters. I understand he was trying to play ricks to believe him but at moment I as the reader was already played into believing it. While Rick didn’t believe it. He just kinda though about it for a few moments ( 112. 113. 114). Officer cram is indeed an andriod except that he knows he’s an andriod and knows exactally when did he come from Mars and for what mission. Once he realized he’s done he tried to trick Rick into believing androids are the whole police organization which is true for some part where it is true that Nexus andriods are impersonating officers and positions in high and strong parts of the worlds government such as the soviet reforestation on earth and the police department of the United States.

At some point I think I made a mistake about which officer turned out to be an android but I think it’s cram which I then read on page ( 120 ) gland and he was on the list by the way. However I believe most of of what happened next is very interesting specially the part where Rick understands the real difference between humans and andriods ( relation to animals).