So in certain moments when it comes to making your creations, either a machine or an android, you may think that it’s successful and nothing can go wrong. But when the future comes, you won’t be able to predict what’s gonna happen next. After seeing the movie “Blade Runner,” there were some parts that were a little similar to the book “Do Androids Dream a Sheep.” However, most of the scenes and the plot were different comparing to the text. For example, instead of naming the androids just androids, the movie actually named them Replicants. Also, in the movie, the Replicants didn’t have their lasers or guns just like in the book where Rick Deckard fought against that android and he had his laser. But the most important thing that movie didn’t have, unlike the text, is that they didn’t include the word “empathy.” As for making the movie similar to the book, they show a way how the Replicants acted.

Out of all of the Replicants that are crazy and out of their minds, Roy is the most insane Replicant. The way how he does his actions was mad and deranged. For example, when he got to finally meet his creator, Tyrell, he told him that he wants to have more life just like the humans have. But Tyrell then explained to Roy why he doesn’t want to give Roy more life. After that, as Roy got up close to Tyrell and put his hands onto his face, he then stick both of his thumbs inside of Tyrell’s eyes. Making the creator dead by his own creation. This completely shows that as you develop your creation, it will soon then betray you just by killing you. In other words, it won’t be following the master’s orders at all. Not only did killing Tyrell made Roy really insane, but as he saw Pris died by Deckard, he started howling like a wolf and he was chasing Deckard while his pants and shirt were off. As he was running around looking for Deckard, he was laughing maniacally and starting patronizing him by saying “Come out and play! You won’t be able to play with me if you don’t meet face to face.” So as you let your creation go, doing somethings on its own, then sooner or later your creation will become an insane monster in the next level. So if we humans must learn something before the future comes, we must know to always keep an eye onto our creation very precisely.