After reading several chapters of Brave New World, I became fascinated of the exquisite and imaginative way Aldous Huxley describes this futuristic society in which a State controls the behaviors of the people in order to assure a society that lives in equilibrium. In the first chapters of the novel we can observe how the human fertilization has become a process that is controlled by the use of technology to maintain a stable society. The novels opens by introducing the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre which is the major setting in which the novel is developed. Here Huxley begins with a detailed description of the interior of the building which he describes as “wintriness” with an illumination that is “frozen, dead, a ghost” (pg. 15). By describing the coldness and lifelessness of the room, the writer makes us imply the dark and merciless processes and events that would take place throughout the novel. In addition, several character are also introduced in the novel and this are the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning who is giving several students a tour through the installations of the Centre whose purpose is the creation of human beings that are capable to condition to a certain environment and adapt to their specific role in this society. The Director tells the students that the process of fertilization and grow of the embryo in the mother’s womb has been long forgotten and now is being completed by using engineering machinery such as incubators, test-tubes and the final product placed in tubes to its delivery. The Director reveals that the fertilization process “undergone voluntarily for the good of Society, not to mention the fact that it carries a bonus amounting to six months’ salary” (pg. 17). These quote reveals that the technological creation of an individual seems to occurs naturally and it is well seen and approved by the society at this time that even offers a sustainable amount of money.

Furthermore in the reading, we observe that this society is divided into five castes and the people within each caste are conditioned to play a particular role in society and adapt to the environment that, depending on the caste, they are designated to live. The caste is formed by the Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons and all of them are controlled by a supreme state leaded by Mustapha Mond, the State Controller of this society. The Alpha people are recognized by their grey clothing and as it is stated in the novel they “work harder because they are so frightfully clever” (pg. 35). In the Hatchery Centre, the children that belong to the Alpha society are created and conditioned to become civilized human beings and are given an excessive intelligence that will give them the power to become “future World controllers”(pg. 23). There is also the Betas who wear red clothing and possess some sort of intelligence but they work lesser than the Alpha society. Another caste in this society are the Gammas who wear green and Deltas who wear khaki and they are seen by the higher classes as less valuable and “stupid”. Finally there are the lower caste in the society which are the Epsilons, who were black, and this caste is humiliated and hatred by the rest of the society since they are purposely created to be the working class such as “sewage workers”(pg. 35). They are adapted to lack any intelligence since it is unnecessary for them as they are only workers. In addition, we also can observe that Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons undergo the Bokanovsky’s process in which the egg after being fertilized receives a shock that would divide and posteriorly create eighty six identical individuals. The state controllers utilize this process to create a society that lacks human diversity so the people can produce the same tasks using identical machinery and perform their jobs at the same rate. The controllers describe the Bokanovsky’s process as “one of the major instruments of social stability” (pg. 18) and they use the logo “Community, Identity, Stability” to justify the barbaric acts they commit against humanity. Through this quotes we notice that a powerful state controls the human behaviors and actions since a child’s moment of birth until the moment of death of the adult. They believe that this exertion of power over the individual brings a stable and pacific community in which every individual has been genetically created to perform his/her role in society and acclimate them to a specific environment that would not cause an imbalance to the society.