Final Draft

  • Proposal: To look into the gauge of success that comes from Science-Fiction franchises that involve merchandising and if this ruins or improves the franchise in it’s longevity; in who’s eyes is the franchise a “success” and for what reason is that.
  • Procedure: By looking at different franchises and their evolution that came with their audience and developers of the Independent Property (IP).
  • Goal: To find out what becomes appropriate for the consumer while at the same time being profitable for the retailer (since they need to stay above water to produce more of their IP).

Research Questions

  • When in the process of producing the IP is merchandising incorporated?
  • Is the marketing potential of an IP inherently the reason for making the ‘text’ for these IPs?
  • What is the factor that determines if an IP is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in the eyes of fans?
  • Should success be determined from what fans feel about the series or the marketing potential and growth that came from the IP?
  • Is there something lost or gained from this focus on marketing; is there a balance that needs to be made when making a IP with compelling story and marketability?

Initial Claims

My hypothesis is that there is a balance between story-telling/lore and marketability of characters; they are both important to different groups (sometimes both can be important to both groups). I believe that fans care more about how a story is presented, while developers (at some level, it’s probably producers) who push for marketing the product by presenting characters expeditiously without proper development of characteristics.

Research Info

Most of my research I would categorize as “first draft” research, since I haven’t looked into proper peer reviewed articles or journals in regards to my topic. However, I do value the research I have done because it’s just as important to look at feedback from collective people (via forum posts) in a topic that is focused on the consumer’s opinions about different IPs. I plan to look into more credible and scholarly resources soon enough though, so don’t fret about the legitimacy of claims that I will make.

Reflection on Progress

So far I feel like I’m well on my way to making a good presentation and overall good headway into the project as a whole. I think I’ve narrowed down my topic well enough to be both interesting and specific enough to have significance and resonance with both my peers in class and, hopefully, other people outside of that circle who would read it.

Questions at this point

One of the only major questions I have about the project is how I should format it; should I focus on being specific with examples and how specific should I be with the examples on top of that, or should it feel more like it’s an all encompassing idea that already knows what it wants to claim while supplementing it with examples from time to time? Basically, would it be more interesting to look at examples specifically to build on my argument or should I piece-meal the examples when I make claims about different aspects of my topic?