City Tech, Fall 2016

Class Notes From 10/20

Group Discussions (The worksheet that was given on that day)

1a. (First Quote)

Bounty Hunters/Humans play a role in deciding who or what is live. They can only determine on killing the androids before they can join the humanization. It is based on perspectives.

1b. (Second Quote) (Not yet discussed)

The things we’ve learned so far:

  • We have learned that future is not predicted
  • In the story there was a “Meta” Moment
  • The possibilities of imaginative stories
  • The fact that the andys would read fiction, they would know the enjoyment of fiction


That is all the notes that I can give. I know that there is more than that, but there was so much conversation going on and it was too fast that I couldn’t keep up. At least I tried my best. That’s all there is to it.


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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks Duron for taking down what you could. As you mentioned, there was a lot of important discussion last class, so maybe others can chime in here in the comments, and we can crowdsource last Thursday’s notes? Thanks in advance everyone for pitching in 🙂

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