Class Notes for December 15th, 2016.

Professor Belli shared with the class her favorite cookies that she had been lugging with her all day. Alex also courteously provided chocolates. Thanks again!

Reminder, please be tidy in your classrooms as some of the staff are becoming experts in small mammal coprology.

More importantly, please spread the word Professor Belli’s course next semester Paradise, Perfection, Anarchy, & apocalypse: The World-building of Utopias & Dystopias, English 3402-D602: Topics in Literature.

Download (PDF, 307KB)

Passionate peer reviews were exchanged and the drafts were discussed in groups.

Important Information

Final Draft, including the cover letter, is due on Monday, December 19th before 11:59 pm. The cover letter is an integral part of the final draft and your grade, it is not inconsequential. The assignment will be posted to OpenLab in PDF form alongside a 300 word abstract in the post. The assignment must also be submitted to Dropbox as a word document.

The final course reflection is due the next day, Tuesday December 20th by 4:00 pm. This is also part of the final assignment. It will be addressed privately to Professor Belli, so feel free to speak candidly and honestly. Comment on the course overall and use of the OpenLab website. This is to be submitted to Dropbox as a word document.

More on that here:

Additionally, for Professor Belli’s convenience, mental fortitude, and your own grade, label the papers clearly.

E.g. Johnny Zapata, Archive Project Final Draft

Also, papers that do not have in text citation or a works cited page will not be accepted. Anyone who plagiarizes will fail the assignment. If you are uncertain how to properly cite a work, there are resources online and Professor Belli will gladly answer any questions emailed within reasonable time.

If you fail the assignment for any reason, you will fail the course.

Proposals for Science Fiction activities in City Tech!

  • I humbly proposed a Science Fiction book club in which no one would physically attend. I had good intentions.
  • Another proposal, Science Fiction versus Science Fact club.
  • Live chat in OpenLab

Professor Belli congratulated the class on their hard work, perseverance and the classes’ overall progress.

Good luck everyone!