Tues. Class Notes 8/30/16



-What is science fiction?

-What are key features of science fiction?


Elements of fiction


Characters- things that can do something in the text (person, animal, thing)

Conflict- tension problem that arise

External conflict- human vs human/nature/society

Internal conflict- self vs. self

Metaphor- comparison not using like or as

Plot- story, event

Point of view- perspective from which story is told (1stperson 3rd person etc)

Protagonist- main character

Setting-place, time

Simile- comparison using like or as

Symbolism- represents something

Theme- point of story




Abstract- not concrete

Agency- ability to do something

Analyze- break down into parts

Assumption- conclude without facts

Claims- make argument

Comprehending- understanding

Connotative- associative meaning

Denotation- dictionary definition

Evidence- proof

Exhausting- tiring

Exhaustive- cover everything

Imply- to suggest

Infer- make a guess based on some sort of evidence

Inference- educated guess

Literal- takes it as it is

Mnemonic device- helps you remember something

Nuances- small differences in something

Omniscient- all knowing

Recurring- repeats

Reductive- overly simplistic

Socio-economic class- monetary social class

Subjunctive- realm of possibility

Speculate- think over possibilities

Extrapolate- take information to make a claim

Speculative fiction- genre that lumps science fiction, dystopia, etc


Notes from in class Science Fiction Video   

  • A genre is a category
  • Fiction is an imaginary story
  • Science fiction is an unreal story that could be real in our future

What is science fiction?  

  • Happens because of science
  • Maybe, possibly can happen
  • Typically future setting or present alternative
  • Can help us think about how what we do with science and technology can affect the future
  • Plausible
  • Grounded in reality
  • Subjunctive
  • Extrapolation
  • Speculation
  • Projection estrangement
  • Experimentation
  • Forced to look at through new eyes


Due for next class

  • Read short story do close reading
  • Blog by Wednesday night based on short story
  • Use hand out to help think critically about text
  • Watch silent moon for Thursday discussion
  • Write blog on yourself if you have not

Do readings and assignments to avoid quizzes!