City Tech, Fall 2016

Class Notes 12/1/2016

  • All of the class time was spent within the City Tech library looking at a very impressive collection of Science Fiction works, namely the Science Fiction Archive.  The collection was given by a very generous donor who basically collected any type of Science Fiction work throughout his years.  This collection consisted of books, magazines, manga, etc.  In addition, the collection consisted of works from different time eras and some were more fragile than others.
  • There was a PowerPoint presentation about the process on how the Science Fiction collection arrived at City Tech.  Some of the major problems presented when housing this collection was resources and space.  As a result, most of the collection ended up in the City Tech library.

Here is an overview on the content within the old Science Fiction magazines from the collection:

  • Science Fiction magazines have a mixture of content.  They include short stories, novellas, and serializations of novels.
  • They include Scientific facts content, which involve space travel, physics, etc.
  • Editorials written by the editors.
  • The most exciting part, were the letters written to the editors.  This can also be seen as an alternative to writing comments through the internet.
  • These magazines contained advertisements, and pictures similar to political cartoons.
  • The magazines contained images based on the authors perception of actual sciences.

Here are some images of some of the various content within the magazines.

what-if     poli      phy-and-metaphy

comments    ads-on-the-back    market-place


  • Next Week we will have Final Project presentations on Tuesday 12/6 & Thursday 12/8.  Check OpenLab for the day that you will present.
  • If you are unsure about what to include within the presentation, check the open lab site for the presentation requirements.
  • Reflection on class visit to Science Fiction archive due Saturday 12/3 by 11:59 pm, categorize as “City Tech Science Fiction Archive.”
  • Final Project Progress Report due Monday 12/5 by 11:59 pm; post to OpenLab course site, categorized as “Project Progress.”
  • In-Class Final Project Presentations (post before 4pm on the day you are presenting)


* If there is any other information that I may have missed, feel free to post it as a comment.

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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks Daniel for these notes! A friendly reminder that we also discussed the importance of having secondary sources for your final project (in addition to primary sources), using the library databases, visiting the library/librarians (at the Reference Desk) for help with research, and requesting books from other CUNY campuses via CLICS.

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