No Classes Tuesday 12/13 (Reading Day)

First Draft due Monday 12/12 11:59EST

First Drafts are peer reviewed by members of assigned groups (see schedule) and vice versa. Each group member must critique each other work.

  • Final project grade will be deducted a full letter grade if group members draft is left neglected or if drafts aren’t posted by due date.

Thursday 12/15 Class will be in session and peer review will continue

Note: Professor Belli will be available Mon-Thurs if help is needed moving forward in the Archive Project (email ahead of time for a reasonable meeting time).


Alex – That which is defined Utopia and Dystopia

Claim – The base definition of what is utopia and dystopia, in addition to the parallels of utopian/dystopian text, facts and advancement

Marco – Connection between Science Fiction and Fashion

Claim – The clothing of science fiction speak about society, as well as, being critical to the world today.

Ruben – Dreaming or living in Science Fiction

Claim – Science Fiction film uses dream sequencer in order to explore the limited perception of reality.

Jovan – Politics in Science Fiction

Claim – The presence of politic and law throughout science fiction novels and literature has not only shaped the characters within the texts, but has also changed the development path of characters.

Duran – The Connection of Androids and African American

Claim – African Americans and Androids share similar fates due to people’s misconception and unacceptance in society.

Moises – Architects of the Future or Harbingers of Doom

Claim – Technology has served as a force of division more than an unifier.

Tajay – Human Behavior in the Post-Apocalypse

Claim – The change in human behavior is based on the reality of their setting.