“Franchise” – Asi Mov(1955)

  • Is Deck a replicant or not?

Androids have combat roles, deckard is combating the androids so it’s possible he could be one.

Deckard shows emotion and vulnerability to replicants while fighting showing he isn’t a replicant.

“More human than human”. Maybe deckard is a new type of android a test by the tyrell corporation to find flaws in the other androids.

Vote: 7 he is an Android. 6 He isn’t an android. 1 he is a cyborg. 14 votes in total

Discussing strategies of writing for essay two.

15 minute sitting and reviewing feedback given on essay one. Write a response on the feedback to be handed in with essay two.

  • Handout: A brief guide to the elements of the academic essay. By Gordan Harvey.


True but not obvious.

Difficult to tell when you are giving an analysis or a summary.

Make it something arguable.

Govern the whole essay (not disappear in places)

A way that you as a writer to make the connections for the reader.

Important the essay argument develops as it goes, end the essay in a better way then you started.


About your argument, what stand you take.

Have a purpose for being and also give people a reason to write and read about it.

In general people need to write more complicated thesis, and topic sentences.

Pointsplus significance

Key Terms:

Define your key terms for your reader.

Writing for a educated reader, someone who has read the text.

Provide only the summary/details when it is important to your argument.


Data, facts, and examples.

Bringing your perspective is different from a bringing outside information.

Analysis: MAJOR KEY 

Happens in your argument, after the evidence.

Topic sentences(Very important to develop good topic sentences) when done correctly they do all the things you need in a good essay.

Topic sentences are a summary of the paragraph.

The way to check your essay write the thesis then list the topic sentences in order.

Explain things that might be common sense to you, because it might not be common sense to the reader.

Transitions happen in the topic sentences.



4 addition handout given, review them to gather a better understanding for essay two.