Hello Everyone!

Before starting the second peer review for our archive project, professor Belli started with some important announcements that are and will take place in the few remaining weeks of the class semester. First of all, the Citytech email had been going  through some modifications which has caused several changes for both faculty and alumni email accounts. Therefore, if you have sent an email to Professor Belli and have not received any response yet, it is because of these new changes that are taking place in the Citytech mail account. So you can either send another email to her, and she would be happy to answer all your questions and concerns you have. Also, and this very but very important for the entire class, today we received our Midterm test back and since the grades were not great enough, our professor gave us, as a Thanksgiving gift, 10 points extra which is equivalent to 1 questions from part 2 of the test, which prevent some people from failing the test.

However, to help us boost our grades and since the professor has seen the effort we are putting into the class, she proposed and it was unanimously accepted by the class that the 30% of the grade left for the entire course was divided into the following:

Final Project  25%

Final Reflection  5%

For the Final Project, there will be a 5 minute presentation in  class where each student will learn and have the opportunity to get feedback for the Final Project. The next class we will be given a rubric of how the presentation will be graded. Additionally there is also part of the final project that will count as a part of the grade such as the Project Progress Blog which is due by Monday 11:59 and it will be an overview to check how your project is going along. For more information about the presentation and the steps towards the final project, there is a post made in the Archive Project under the Assignment Tab in the City Tech OpenLab. PLEASE READ THE ASSIGNMENT CAREFULLY! and if you have any questions about it or there is something that does not seem clear to you email her before thanksgiving. Do not wait until the last minute or you will have problems with the project.

Further announcements is that we will have a symposium Tuesday, 29th in which there will be several panelists talking about the science fiction genre. We will not meet as a class that day but there will be a chance to get an extra credit by attending the symposium and writing in the blog in the City Tech OpenLab. Also if you still want to form part of the symposium, you are more than welcome to do so, it will count as an extra credit as well.

Next week, Professor Belli will meet individually with each one of us in order to discuss the final project, get approval(if it has not happened yet), how is the project getting along or if there is more questions or concerns that you are not clear. These meeting will take place through several days the professor assigned and it will be approximately 20 minutes long. Please bring some sources and more information that you need to work on. Do not come unprepared to the meeting otherwise you will be sent home and it will count as an absence. Also arrive a few minutes early before the time you will have your meeting. Please read the assignment for the Archive Project and email to the professor if you have any questions.

Other than that I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, eat tons of food and have a memorable time with your loved ones.