Class Announcements

(This was posted a little late. I apologize for the inconvenience. )

The Science Fiction Symposium will be held on Tuesday 11/29 from 9-5pm offering science fiction panels. If you would like to volunteer to speak on the student panel that is being offered speak to Professor Belli. It would be nice if we have 4-5 students to volunteer in the student panel about science fiction, class experiences, final projects, and connections to other classes.

Science Fiction Archive Project

  • All projects must have a direct connection to science fiction and help the audience understand science fiction in another way.
  • Your research paper should answer the question so what?
  • You as the researcher should be learning more about science fiction.
  • Find and document research sources.
  • Have a revised proposal by Tuesday 11/21.

By Tuesday 11/17

Please have….

  • Completed clear research focused paragraphs with a minimum of 500 words
  • Upload paragraphs with a reflection on how your proposal has evolved
  • Bring in 4 printed copies for peer review
  • Email professor Belli for feedback by Monday