Class notes 10/18/2016

Theme: doubling
Sub themes and points to explain the theme.

– two sides / mirror image
– Rachel / Paris
– humans / cyborgs( andys )
– synthetic / real
– good / bad
– alternate reality / parallel universe
– false memory’s / real memories
Start of class reminders:
– blogs were graded check your grading on Openlab
Questions to be answered by all formed groups:
5 groups of 3 students each are assigned to answer the raised question for each chapter discussed.

How does this chapter help us to understand the theme of ” Doubling” / the conflict of authentic/ ersatz ?

Each group analyzed one chapter and came up with 3 points regarding the question.

Chapter 7 group:
( 73 ) busters friendly and mercerism influence john.
( 74 ) mercerism has a way of showing peace
( 76 ) control over our souls.

Chapter 8 group:
Spoke about doubling in polokov and other self.
( 91 ) sloppy accent revealed his true identity to Rick
( 92-93 ) future weapons are strong – older weapons can be stronger.
(94) mood machine didn’t stick to the happy mood it went back to depression mood.

Chapter 9 group:
Spoke about false memory and Luba’s actions

Chapter 10 group:
Spoke about what’s real and what’s not real
User evidence from pages
( 113 ) Rick is real or not.
( 114 – 115 ) what’s real and what’s not real
( 118 ) non existence police agency and both humans and andys believe they are the reality.

Chapter 11 group: spoke about empathy and realism
( 128 ) 3rd paragraph
( 124 ) 2nd paragraph
( 122 ) 2nd paragraph

Groups 1 and 4 had a tie in votes: professor decided to give both extra credits in midterm exam. Congratulations for those who won

The best thesis on the analyses by groups is groups 4 : the idea is about prospective realism.

Reminders and questions to be answered by all students: a raised question for the whole class

Are they threat ?
Is andriods a threat to human in earth should they be killed or not ?
What do they fear andriods ?

Reminders: watch the third presidential debate and find out the the 2 different ideas they come with. A discussion board will be created in open lab you can comment your ideas after watching the debate. Thursday it should be created.

Make sure you do your reading and post your blogs before 12:00Am.

Good luck to all of you