Big Question Reminder from last class:

  • What are different forms of “soma” within the novel?
  • What defines humanity?
  • Are emotions authentic from the Mood Organ
  • What is Authentic?
  • Where is the line drawn between cyborg/humanity.
  • The notion of passing.

New Questions raised this class:

  • How are nexus-6 android detected.
  • Why do the androids come back? (motivation?)
  • The “real” test to determine if you’re an android or a human (Bone marrow test)
  • Why do they rebel? Do they understand their circumstances (Sentience/feelings) -> adapt/evolving
  • Do they know they are androids?

Androids want to escape their masters and be free. (Gain dignity/respect)

They were only created for people to emigrate to mars.

There are flaws in determining an android from a human. Have there been mistakes made? Have they actually “retired” a real human by mistake?

Notion of the “other”, how do you “other” someone. The test privileges a certain type of emotion, and places those who can’t feel them into the “other” group.

Not everyone shares the same fear & disrespect for the andys.

Textual Analysis

Pg. 40

” A humanoid robot is like any other machine, it can fluctuate between being a benefit and a hazard very rapidly. ”
The Androids become a problem when they no longer benefit humanity.

Why did they create this new type of android?  Consumer Demand. The people wanted these types of androids, they demanded a new type something better to fit their needs on the colonies.

Retire is an euphemism. A way to self rationalize Rick’s job. Used to “dehumanize” androids to objectify them.

Pg. 57 Paragraph 4

“you’re a bounty hunter, you can handle a laser gun–in fact you’re carrying one right now. If you can’t protect yourself, how are you going to retire the six remaining Nexus-6 andys? They’re a good deal smarter than the Grozzi corporation’s odl W-4…….. But i hunt them, This way, with a reversion clause on the owl, someone would be hunting me. And he did not liek the idea of being stalked; he had seen the effects on androids,. It brought about certain notable changes even in them.”

Pointing out the difficulty of hunting the new types. Trying to bribe Rick to take the deal laid in front of him.

Rick notices he will be put in a situation where the hunter will become the hunted, and even he doesn’t like that situation. Might be some sort of sympathy shown for the andys.

Maybe they’re not rebelling because they are bad, but because the situation they have been put in. Bad situations make you do bad things.

  • Androids might not know they are androids, so how can you effectively pick them out if they don’t know themselves. (false memories planted etc.)

Start of next class Page analysis and subjects:

Page 42 Paragraph Two 


Fake ANimals

Connection between the andys and fake animals

Reminders for next week:

Blog due monday night, and wednesday night.

Midterm Format:

  • In class 75 minute test
  • Thursday 27th
  • Identification Question types (Identify where a passage is from etc.)
  • definitional question type (Define words etc.)
  • Short answer/analysis question (SHORT, TARGETED, PRECISE, FOCUSED, SPECIFIC, ORGANIZED)
  • Anything we done, read, discussed is fair game for the midterm
  • Review everything that has come up in class.

To study for the midterm. Read blogs, classnotes, review small texts, watch short movies, review scientific framework.

Key Terms:

  • What is Authentic
  • Utopian Enclave
  • Utopia, dystopia
  •  escapism (soma, etc)
  • Technological determinism
  • Simulation
  • The “other”
  • uniformity as an idea/standardization
  • the idea of doubling
  • Humanism vs the “savage”
  • cyborg
  • apocalypse / post apocalypse
  • automation
  • Juxtaposition (the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect)
  • Hierarchy (System of order)
  • euphemism
  • Genres
  • Elements of Fiction
  • Man vs machine vs society
  • conflict (identify major conflicts in the stories covered)
  • glorification of nature
  • illusion
  • objective vs subjective

Major key: Make your answers specific and not too general.

Ended class with a few minutes of free writing.

What is it to you the most important/significant thing you have learned or experienced so far?

What questions remain in your mind?

I wish my professor knew…………


Sorry for the late class notes post.