• Mid- Semester grades go in on October 31st.
  • Friday 10/14 is a Tuesday schedule and we’ll be reviewing for the mid-term.
  • Visitor in class next Thursday

We talked about the first few chapters of Do Androids dream of electric sheep. Reviewed characters and themes.

– Rick Deckard – Ex-cop, Bounty hunter, main protagonist, hunts “Andys” androids. Considers himself a cop, but his wife calls him a killer hired by cops. He’s upset with being forced with staying on earth. He’s not content. Really wants an animal and is obsessed with them.

-Iran Deckard – Bitter voice, gray eyes compared to androids, refused to dial mood organ to wake up like her husband, chooses to be depressed and dials it into the mood organ machine.

– Empathy is a defining characteristic between humans / androids. Pg 30.   Mentions how androids have developed so much even surpassed humans but still can’t reproduce empathy.

Big Questions?

  • Why was the mood organ created? What does it mean to have genuine emotion or artificial?
    Are there limited emotions on the Mood Organ Machine? Are the couple considered to be cyborgs because they use the mood organ?  Outside of what they dial they still manage to feel real emotions that they can’t control.
  • Forms of Soma? Mood Organ Machines, Animals, mercerism, caste & social status, empathy box – Seems to be a form of VR that make people feel connected, and the buster friendly and his friendly friends show on TV.

Settings – Post-apocalyptic, dusty, WW3 or WWT, World War Terminus. There’s colonies on Mars. Radioactive fallout / dust. Narrator mentions no one remembers the reasons for the war really. Radioactive dust and fall out has killed almost all the animals, but they’re recreated. Animals that remain are really expensive and are cherished and taken care of. More expensive animals are for the rich and those of a higher social class. During colonization, androids were part of the process. The government promised an android to every single person who emigrated to Mars. These Andys were promised to be personalized and meant to serve you. Andys were modified in the for colonization / war and for specific jobs.

Someone mentioned the idea of androids being individuals? If you think of A brave New World  and how humans were created through the Bokanovsky Process. It is very similar to how these androids are created. They’re both created for a specific purpose or job. These are organic humans but they’re like robots because of how they’re created and conditioned. What’s the real difference between them?