Today we discussed the last final chapters of Brave New World.  We examined the major events that occur in these chapters as well as we analyzed in more depth each of the characters in the story. We also compare some of contemporary parallel society of Brave New World with our modern society as we go through these chapters of the book.

Chapter 14

In this chapter we observe several elements of fiction that we discussed in previous classes. For instance, the setting for this chapter mainly takes place in the Hospital of the Dying. The main characters involved in this chapter are John, Linda, the nurse, the group of twins and Pope. There is also a plot that plays a major part in the chapter as it becomes the climax of the story. It becomes the focus point of the following events in the book.

We said that Linda’s death is the motivation action as John reacts by getting emotional and turning to an aggressive behavior.  We pointed out the several conflicts between the characters in the chapter and we discussed some of them:


               John vs Nurse

Page 181. We can observe that the nurse from the Hospital of the Dying does not seem to understand the pain of not being able to save a loved one from dying. The nurse has been conditioned to act without showing any human emotions. However when she saw John’s desperation and helplessness, she is clueless on what to do. She does not how to react because she has not been thought to deal with these situations.

               John vs Linda

Page 185. We observes a conflict between John and his mother Linda as she does not recognize his son due to the soma effects in her body. The lack of unrecognition by his own mother combined with the soma inside her mother’s body and the behavior of the twins towards the death, made John become aggressive.

               John vs himself

Page 186-187. John believes that he is the responsible for his mother’s dead. He desperately tries to bring his mother back to life even though it was already too late. He feels disoriented and claims to God in the hope that heaven could help him.


Page 186-188. We noticed that Huxley utilizes juxtaposition in the chapter to show the death conditioning. The author juxtaposed the emotional and intimate moment of Linda’s death against the playful and joyful moment of the group of twins.

Chapter 15

Feeling the grief and remorse for his mother’s death, John encountered a group of Delta people who are getting their daily soma dose. The soma distribution scene plus his depressing feelings collapsed together inside John. He rebelled and started a riot preaching that soma is a drug that is keeping the society in enslavement.  However the society believed that John was being irrational since soma was the only thing that keep them happy and stable. His effects are impotent and he fails in his attempt to save the people from this false happiness.

We also analyzed the contemporary parallel of the society with modern society and we said that the riot against the soma distribution is an example of the several protests that take effect in different places around the world which are caused by the disagreement between two different ideas.

Chapter 16-17

These two chapters are the crucial point in the development of the novel. Here, we are presented to a conversation between the World Controller, Mustapha Mond and the Savage, John. We remarked that there exist some qualities between these two major individuals. The dialogue between these two individual reveals us that there are certain similarities between them. They both are shown as equal, rational individuals with the same level of knowledge.

Many students enjoyed these two chapters of the book since they made the entire novel more explicit and revealed the conflicts behind this false society. However, other students disliked the chapters for several reason. Some of them opined the chapters pretty much summarized the whole novel, what we also called plot dump(throw everything at once). One student disliked the fact that only a powerful individual, in this case the World Controller, had the right to break his own rules whereas the rest of the society would live in the ignorance and falsity. Others dislike the fact that there was no action involve in the chapters which takes to an important key in utopian literature. In literature, a utopian society has most of the time a character who shows everything around of what happens in the entire book. In Brave New World, the World Controller is this character who revealed us everything in these finals two chapters.


Evoking(adj).- To bring a feeling, memory, or picture into the mind.

Juxtapose(verb).- To place opposite things together in order to create an interesting effect or to show how they are the same or different

Iterative .- Being repetitive

Impotent(adj).- unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.

Didactic/pedantic(adj).-In the manner of a teacher, particularly so as to treat someone in a patronizing way.

Homework Assignment

Read “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury and write reading response #8. Due on Thursday 29.

Do not forget to print out the short story and the poem and bring it on Thursday for our class discussion.

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