Helmholtz in the story Brave new World is a very bewildering character because he is someone who has everything but there is something missing. He is a creator and an intellectual who feels like he’s lacking something that even he can’t understand. I believe what he’s lacking is creativity, and the outlet to use his creative mind to create for another purpose other than creating propaganda in his job as a lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering. When he is introduced to John and this series of conversations with him about poetry something clicks, the greatest writer of the World State realizes that his life’s work has been for nothing, and that all he writes in his job as a lecturer, from the slogans to the lines for the feelies, is all a waste. “In all these weeks he had never come to so close an  intimacy with the savage as Helmholtz immediately achieved”. They became so close because Helmholtz saw what he was missing in John, and finally was able to understand what was wrong with him. Helmholtz Run in with the government is because he wants people to feel what he’s writing, he wants people to take his words and interpret them for themselves and feel what he’s going through. “I was trying to engineer them into feeling as I’d felt when i wrote the rhymes. Ford!”. He want’s them to feel the words, this was evident when John recited a poem by shakespeare and Helmholtz felt the word as he recited them. ” Helmholtz listened with a growing excitement. At “sole Arabian tree” he started; at “thou shrieking harbinger” he smiled with sudden pleasure; at “every fowl of tyrant wing” the blood rushed up into his cheeks but at “defunctive music” he turned pale and trembled with an unprecedented emotion”.  Helmholtz finally started to understand what he was missing his entire life these last three chapters, and i believe John is going to be the one who awakens the real poet hidden behind all the brainwashing and conditioning.