Hey all this week as we finished Brave New World i took an interest in Johns quest to rid himself of his impurity’s. Its something i kind of saw coming since John could never assimilate into the world. In chapter 15 John makes it clear that he has given up on this Utopia willing to break all rules.

John shows that he now sees elements of this society as toxic, in chapter 15 after the death of his mother he makes a clear statement on his opinion with Soma.  When a Soma distributor tries to do his job John doesn’t let him stating “Dont Take that horrible stuff. Its poison, its poison.”(pg191) and then “Poison to soul and body”(pg191). This no Soma stance must have been strengthened due to John recently watching his mother die of Soma usage. This death must have a significant impact since his mother was never their in her deathbed but in a mental holiday with Pope, which caused John to despise the drug even more. This hatred towards false happiness and mental holidays causes him to directly oppose the norm since Soma is used by everyone.

Through Johns trials of purification we soon see that he could never rid himself of civilization. Through his talk with Mustapha Mond John learns that what he desires is “the right to be unhappy”, an ideal directly related to his traditional Malpais upbringing. Because John feels that he has given in to the sins of civilization he tells Helmholtz “”I ate civilization”… “It poisoned me; i was defiled  and then” he added his, in a lower tone ” I ate my own wickedness”” (pg216) and”Now I am purified… I drank some mustard and warm water”(pg216). John here shows that he imagines civilization as something that’s literally infecting his body and wanting to remove it with sickening remedies.

Regardless of what anyone does civilization seems to stick around us everywhere. John also physically isolates himself in his new home which was described as

” his hermitage the old lighthouse which stood on the crest of the hill between Puttenham and Elstead. The building was of ferro concrete and in excellent condition- almost to comfortable the savage had thought when he first explored the place, almost too civilized luxurious. He pacified  his conscience by promising himself a compensatingly harder self discipline, purification’s the more complete and thorough.”(Pg 218)

What i first found interesting was that John did not like his light house since it was so “Civilized”. In the text we see the words “Pacified” and “Compensatingly”. These two words show that John cannot fully get away from civilization even finding it in his hiding spot and having to cope by harsher purification rituals.

John soon suffers from having to repress normal feelings associated with society. we see this in

“Poor Linda who he swore to remember. But it was still the presence of Lenina that haunted him. Lenina whom he had promised to forget. Even through the stab and sting of the juniper needles, his wincing flesh was aware pf her unsecapably real”…”Oh Linda, forgive me, Forgive  me, god. Im bad. Im wicked”(pg225)

John connects his sexual desires to civilization since he has romantic feelings for Lenina making them sinful. He can no longer accept his natural feelings since hes developed them in this civilization. Later due to civilization obsession with the “savage” we see that they have come to him stopping his purification and forcing him to indulge in his sins. John fails at his attempt to free himself due to the fact that he is a part of civilization just like they are a part of his and want to be with him .