The witch hunt in Phillip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep has human shaped beings accusing one another of being non-human. They strive to prove they’re authentic in a world with no empathy and where nothing is true. The real distinction that matters is not what is human or android, but what is genuine or fake.

After apprehending Luba Loft, Deckard begins questioning the company he’s in, so doe she. “You? Luba Luft said. ‘You’re not human. No more than I am: you’re an android too.” (132)Resch falls into the third unspoken category, non-human. Although the Androids admittedly are incapable of empathy, they have dignity, values and aspirations. Luft is inquisitive; she loves paintings and music. On the other hand, Resch loves to kill. He looks for the opportunity to fire his weapon. Luft and Garland accuse Resch of being an android, perhaps to mislead Deckard. Upon passing the V-K test, the test proves he is not an android. He is confused by Deckard’s burning of the book. As people crowd over Luft’s body in the elevator, Resch never considers covering her up .There is little evidence he is human, Resch himself is uncertain.

Iran herself skirts the definition of genuine humanity. After a disappointing vidcall, Deckard recalls, “Most androids I’ve known have more vitality and desire to live than my wife.” (94) Perhaps it hyperbole from a bitter husband or Iran is indeed slipping into the third category of non-living. The gray is slowly multiplying in the world; it has its tendrils on her. If people are indeed a product of their surroundings, Iran can’t be faulted for feeling empty in a world where color only exists on the TV.

As the Androids placate Isidore, he envisions the faceless killing machine chasing his innocent friends. Dick writes “And so on, until everyone real and alive had been shot.” (158) To him, they are warm; a courtesy few humans have shown him. Despite showing great intelligence and resolve, few see beyond his deformities. Isidore knows little comforts and has few friends. Although the androids are not altruistic in their motivations, to Isidore they are genuine friends. For Isidore, who receives no empathy from humans, the illusions of empathy from the androids make them genuine to Isidore, alive.

Comedian Grouch Marx once said “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Both the humans and androids both try to blend in on Earth, both trying to be human, both showing very little that is genuine.  The distinction of human and android is neglectful, but at least the android knows it’s a fake.