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Corporations: Societal issues explored by powerful entities


Corporations are considered to be the drivers of our economy and foundations of human innovation. They make everyday life easier for the people they provide the services to. But what happens when there are deeper issues that we are no exploring when it comes to business practices? The following explores the issues raised when it comes to the busienss practices of the multinational corporation in Science Fiction. Mainly, the potential for abuse with the rise of power, the ethics of business practices in science fiction and real life. Lastly, the deterioration of the human condition from the activity of large corporations.

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Terraforming Write-up

I would like to discuss a science fiction creation called Terraforming. Terraforming which means “Earth-Shaping” is an idea taken from science fiction and mixed with real science. It basically deals with modifying another planet’s atmosphere, temperature, and surface to be similar or exactly like earth. It makes other planets habitable by Human beings, and any type of planet life from our own planet. The major questions i would like the answer would be why we want to terraform other planets, and what exactly terraforming is. I would also like to explore what we would gain from this technology. And through this technology what would Humanity gain in the end if we decide to look outside saving our planet for survival, and towards changing another to fit us.

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Daniel Mayorga, Write-Up First Draft

The parallels between Military Science Fiction and real-world military weapons is by no means a mere coincidence. In addition, these parallels have benefited the U.S. military in terms of offensive weaponry and defenses. The fact of the matter is that most of weapon development done by the U.S. military is done through the inspiration drawn by Science Fiction works. The appearance of a weapon is taken into account and weapon engineers have to determine whether or not a particular weapon is implementable. If so, how? Several approaches must be taken to correspond with the weapon development such as the design process. Should a particular weapon have a “strange” appearance? There were also decisions made in terms of the lethality of the weapon, which ultimately led to applied limitations on a weapon if they are deemed too powerful. So how did the U.S. military benefit from these parallels?
The first benefit will be the idea of developing biologically enhanced soldiers, in other words super soldiers. They are like human soldiers except they represent the stereotypical image of a super human. Which are individuals that are able to surpass beyond the capabilities of any regular person. Another Is the development of laser rifles, as they are very popular among Science Fiction films. They benefit the military in terms of the element of surprise however, they were made non-lethal. In addition, there is also the future production of auto-piloted aircrafts that are able to travel at unbelievable velocities and altitudes. Not to mention that the structure of the aircraft resembles designs from popular Science Fiction films. Lastly, one of the most important aspects to talk about when these parallels were developed, is the limitations applied to the weapon in order to allow them to correspond with moral standards. This in turn, is probably one of the most influential aspects that is considered during the implementation process. The decision to make it lethal and non-lethal really depends on what a particular weapon is used for. Overall, these parallels have benefited the U.S. military in more ways than one.

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Gynoids and the Moral and Ethical Issues Behind Them

Why do the majority of robotic creations resemble the females figure? Where does this idea come from? This question and some other encountered along the way resume in only one term known as gynoids. A gynoid also known as fembot is a concept that appears in the science fiction genre to refer to a humanoid robot that possess female attributes. The term has gained popularity in the science fiction genre over the past years since many of the robots that are shown in films and movies depict beautiful and sexy female features. In modern science fiction, gynoids are depicted as domestic servants and sexual objects to attract their audience, in particular the male gender. In the actuality, the term gynoid has brought to reality as many of the robotic designs that have been developed, clearly portrays a female appearance rather than just simply robotic machine. The apparition of these female robotic machines in the real world has brought a reason of debate and controversy especially regarding to the female gender. According to some feminist groups, these machines are an example of how society perceives women which causes the objectification of women as well. For this reason, this essay discuss how this science fiction term translates into reality, and how these female-robotic designs contribute with the objectification of women as well, affecting the society we live in.

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The Connection Between Androids and African Americans

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The topic I went over for my project was how androids are similar to African Americans. The reason why is because it makes things interesting to comparing humans with robots. People may say that it is impossible to compare an android to a human, but when it comes to researching, anything is possible. Even though there are differences between the two, they are  still similar because of the challenges they had to face in their lives. Allow me to go over some of the challenges they had to face. On the androids’ side, they had to deal with humans who try to not let them be part of society, and not allow them to continue on blending in the human society. Humans think that if androids are enhancing their knowledge of reality experience, they would become more dangerous than they were before. In other words, humans don’t really trust androids when they go off alone without their creator supervising them.

As for the African Americans, they had to deal with society itself.  In the history of the African Americans, there were a lot of challenges that they had to face. Some African Americans had dealt with slave owners when they were slaves back then. While other African Americans dealt with segregation. It only takes a lot of guts, including famous black leaders to support the African Americans, to fight back. Without the black leaders supporting them, black people would still be slaves and segregation would still have continued. Through the years of how African Americans survived, it may have been a miracle for them. In other words, African Americans would rather keep themselves alive and let time take its course. They wanted to see whether or not there would be some changes in the society or that society would just remain the same. These details show that even though the androids’ and African Americans’ challenges are different, they still had dealt with the same problem. And that problem is none other than society. It may be possible that androids are like imageries that are representing to the African Americans. When scholars learned about the African Americans and they started reading about the androids, they would know that androids are like African Americans.

Write up Draft: Human Behavior in the Post-Apocalypse


The horrors of the apocalypse doesn’t only change the environment or the diminish the improvements in society, but it changes the behavior of human beings. Normally, in a civil society people thrive for success, advancement and the pursuit of happiness. All things taken away from society, people reactions will determine their will to survive. However, in their journey of survival, their survival will be based on how they’re able to adapt to chaotic change and their will to overcome fear and confusion of the dystopian world.



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This obviously isn’t finished. It’s taken me a while to get what I’ve got here at 4 pages and this is without a cover letter. Been trying to comb through all of my information and get the important stuff down even though it’s really long already and I still have to finish my ideas and add a conclusion. I’ll continue to write and update this again.


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Write-Up Draft, utopia and dystopia

The concept of a utopia and dystopia has been debated to this very day on how it is defined. Many see it as either the perfection of the world or as its ultimate downfall as a society. However, each person has their own view on what is good and bad for themselves and for society, therefore over time many different versions of what a utopia and dystopia are have come up. Even with these different visions you have a further divergence of personal views based on the countless people who imagine it. This leads to an almost endless number of possible utopias and dystopias based on each individual. Past this understanding if the fact that each person is affected by the present and as that moves away from the point in time they created this definition, it too will change. This change happens because the worlds constantly changes, every event small and large creates an effect that is felt by people. This creates newer versions of utopia and dystopia in direct response to these changing times. The reason being that utopian and dystopian literature is anchored to the real world to create visions of what it might become, if society follows a certain path.
Society is made up by individuals, these individuals are indirectly linked to each other by necessity. The work that one does affects the other, and that other affect someone else by providing a service. Society is a chain of events, each link supports the next and is required to maintain the rest. Therefore, if an individual doesn’t see the world the same way others do, it leads to conflict and break downs in the link. This overtime, if allowed to spread, would cause a complete collapse in any system, particularly a social one. The end goal for each person would lead to a different point and creates a disharmony within the society. Particularly, if each person has their own method of trying to achieve their personal utopia. So, by logic utopia should be a communal vision that all of society should strive for together. However as seen in the real world even with good intentions, evil can come and take over. Dystopias are by many accounts failed utopian visions that were carried out incorrectly or allowed to be taken over by less righteous. The whole notion of dystopia is to show that human nature is powerful and flawed. They do not seek to make a world perfect for everyone as utopias do, their goal is to show reality that may come fourth if individuals do not work together.

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Religion’s Role in Science Fiction

Science fiction has often presented religion as a necessary antagonist, as a force that prevents science from acting with impunity and careless abandonment for its actions. The future may grant us immense powers, such as creating life and ruling over other intelligent life forms. Before we revel in the future, we should ask ourselves questions that fall into the purview of religion when science plays God. Neither field may provide absolute answers , but the debate between science and religion can offer catharsis.

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