The movie Blade Runner was excellent to watch. It complements the novel I Dream of Electric Sheeps? very well. The movie actually enhances the novel. Through the movie the book actually begins to make sense.

Through the movie we see less sensitivity from Deckard towards the androids. However it makes perfectly good sense. The movie brings more life, personality, and imagery to the characters that one may not get from reading the book. The androids have a violent, fight, and survival persona. Also the want for not just freedom but longevity for life. This is sensed more in the novel then the book. The persona of the androids in the movie makes sense of the book because you can actually get a feel and a sense of why the androids may have to be taken down. Unlike in the book which you feel more sensitive or seem to sympathize towards the androids.

A particular line in the movie struck me. The line when the android said I do not want to die. Watching the movie verses the book and hearing those lines make me feel as though an android cannot die. The androids place too much emphasis towards themselves. How can something that’s not really living die. The androids are not living. They are what you may call cyborgs and cyborgs cannot die but they can however be destroyed. For example the technology of the house in Their Shall Be Soft Rains the house does not die although the people have died. But it is possible for technology to be destroyed.

I really enjoyed the movie and believe it would have been better to watch before reading the book because it may have made reading the book more interesting. The book could have become more interesting because we would have been able to see stuff more vividly and imaginatively. The book was sort of dull compared to the movie. The only thing we as readers would have had to done was incorporate mercerism and things like that to not lose the essence of the original work which is the book.