So what to do when you want to make a movie based on a book that makes you think about and question things, with layers of complex. The answer is simple, remove everything that made it so and replace with every odd scenes that add up to 2 hours run time. Most of the story has been destroyed from “do androids dream of electric sheep” with only the base idea slightly remaining. The world is not a wasteland, there are people around the city, humans have many colonies, androids are made but they can not be on earth. Deckard however is a “blade runner” which is never explained why he is called that, still did the same thing as in the book hunting replicates because androids is too hard of a word for people to understand it seems. Replicates implies more that they are copies of someone who lives or lived, you can argue that they replicated human life but still was not needed to change the name. Also he used to hunt them in the past but seemed to have stopped at one point in time because he had to be dragged back into hunting them. There seems to be no incentive in for him other then he would be the little people which means he would be open to threats it would seem, even from people he used to work with. This world is very much alive, people crowd the streets, cars are everywhere, bikes, shops, food and everything else in a living city. The existence of a few androids seems to be lost when the world is so populated verse when so little remains. Also there are no lasers because bullets here can blow up walls, yet they also take 4 shots to kill one android. This is a movie, everything was made to be more visual and have less story. It has more action, less though, and less care about the meaning. The ending is the same and yet it is not, along with the path to it. Yes the androids are all killed, rick lives, Rachael lives but how and what happens are different. Here Rachael is almost nothing, she does not manipulate Deckard, she does not lie to him, she helps him by killing one android, and then she wants to stay with him after running away from the company that made her after finding out that she is not real. The battle at the apartment is painful to watch with odd choices on how it progress and the end that leads to nothing. Ultimately the last android dies without ricks help and saves him before passes but only after hurting them, chasing him and almost leading to Deckard dying. It is not told why he did after killing so many on his way to earth and on it.
The visuals speak more than anything else in the film. It is almost always raining, dark and worn out. The streets are awash with people moving and making noise. The lighting is low in many places and the rain just adds to this darker world. Everything is off, stuck in the past but trying to be of the future. At least for us, so much of what is shown is already here in better forms. The current time takes away from the film with very little being shocking other then what people thought would happen with style. Overall the film was more of a loose artistic rendition of the book.
The plot line that was made was more of the created trying to find their creator and asking for more life, which they are given every little of. It feels more like the wizard of Oz then anything. One android lack brains and so had them blown out, the other was a coward who ran and was killed for not fighting, and the last one had no heart but wanted one and died. And Deckard just wanted to go home, like I did after running around all trying to find where to watch this. The film just feels empty, it does not hit like the book, it no longer has a soul, a piece of humanity within it. It just goes overboard with visuals that smack you in the face.