City Tech, Fall 2016

Be as Water: Adapt or Perish

My topic proposal is understanding human nature and the strength of human adaptability:

Related to the ‘nature vs. nurture’ theory, what makes a person, a person?

What are the things that give an individual their personality?

Does your environment determine who you are? And if so, given a change in the environment, do you change as well?

Every human being in the world exhibit unique characteristics. These characteristics include the manner of acting in your personal happiness, being emotionally attached to a thing and/or subject, and thinking independently from cultural influences. Also, the notion, being a product of your Environment plays an important part in who you are as an individual. Worst case scenario, how will people adapt to change, and is it possible. Can someone lose themselves outside of their comfort zone. These are the issues I want to explore, simply to understand human behavior when in survival mode.

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  1. Jill Belli

    Tajay, human nature and human adaptability are certainly important topics, worthy of exploration, but they are very very broad. It is not clear, from your proposal, how you will narrow does this very general inquiry. Also, your discussion here seems to be very superficial: what have you learned from your research to date, and how has that helped you to discuss the topic in an informed way? What is the connection to science fiction?

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