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Thoughts about The Symposium

After taking a visit to the Symposium, there were some interesting information like I have never heard of before. I arrived to the Symposium at 2:50pm just before the Student Roundtable started. As Jill Belli began the roundtable, she had been asking some of the students some questions on what their opinion is about Science Fiction. The students had answered Belli’s questions very thoroughly even I was impress of their thoughts about Science Fiction. Their answers were remarkable that it makes me glad that I was in a Science Fiction course. I do like how the students put up their questions whenever they answered Belli’s questions and then explained on why they thought about it.

My favorite answer from one of the students was when one asked “How far can they keep up with the upgrade of technology?” In my opinion, I say that is a good question because I do remember the time when I saw the news¬†about the new cell phone Samsung Galaxy Note¬†7 being burst into flames. Plus the company did say that the reason why the phone exploded was because of overheating the battery cells. This means that technology has to have an upgrade limit so that the company don’t have to end like the cell phone did. That is why I thought that it was an interesting question from the student.

Overall, I thought that the Symposium was a brand new experience of¬†learning the knowledge of¬†Science Fiction. It was really a good idea to stop by there and here what students thought about Science Fiction. Now that is what I really call a “Brave New World.”

The Connection Between Androids and African Americans

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The topic I went over for my project was how androids are similar to African Americans. The reason why is because it makes¬†things interesting to comparing humans with robots. People may say that it is impossible to compare an android to a human, but when it comes to researching, anything is possible. Even though there are differences between the two,¬†they are¬†¬†still similar because of the challenges they had to face in their lives. Allow me to go over some of the challenges they had to face. On the androids’ side, they had to deal with humans who try to not let them be part of society, and not allow them to continue on blending in the human society. Humans think that if androids are enhancing their knowledge of reality experience, they would become more dangerous¬†than they were before. In other words, humans don’t really trust androids when they go off alone without their creator supervising them.

As for the African Americans, they had to deal with society itself.¬† In the history of the African Americans, there were a lot of challenges that they had to face. Some African Americans had dealt with slave owners when they were slaves back then. While other African Americans dealt with segregation. It only takes a lot of guts, including famous black leaders to support the African Americans, to fight back. Without the black leaders supporting them, black people would still be slaves and segregation would still have continued. Through the years of how African Americans survived, it may have been a miracle for them. In other words, African Americans would rather keep themselves alive and let time take its course. They wanted to see whether or not there would be some changes in the society or that society would just remain the same. These details show that even though the androids’ and African Americans’ challenges are different, they still had dealt with the same problem. And that problem is none other than society. It may be possible that androids are like imageries¬†that are representing to the African Americans. When scholars learned about the African Americans and they started reading about the androids, they would know that androids are like African Americans.

Project Progress #2: The Importance of the Citations

Well, so far after researching for my project, which is the connection between the androids and African Americans, the sources that I found were proven to be very informative. After reading some of sources I found, they appear to be a satisfaction for my project. Some sources are considered to be strong to my main topic, while others are just either sub point or background info. For that matter, I shall go over what these citations are and why do they prove to be useful to me.

MLA Citations:

1st Source: A Brief History of Jim Crow.‚ÄĚ Constitutional Rights Foundation,

This citation talks about how black people have been gone through their lives over the Jim Crow Laws. It discuss how the law started and what it effects to the white and black people. It is said that it was a bad experience for the black people as they were not treated the same as the white people were treated. The black people tried their hardest of fighting back against segregation, but as they kept on going, their situation keeps on getting worst for them. This source is useful to me because it emphasizes the connection between androids and African Americans. In which case, this citation shall be part of my main point.


2nd Source:¬†Bosch, Torie. ‚ÄúThe Android Head of Philip K. Dick.‚ÄĚ The Slate Book Review, 1 June 2012,

This citation is about a creation of the author’s head¬†which could possibly lead to a future where androids do what humans do on their lives. Unfortunately, there was a graduate student that had disagreed upon androids becoming like humans. He would give reasons why the androids shouldn’t do exactly¬†what¬†humans always do and he still wouldn’t be able to trust¬†them as well.¬†What makes this source useful is that the fact people don’t really trust androids which is similar to white people not trusting black people. Citation like¬†this would consider to be a¬†counter-argument.


3rd Source: Lavender III, Isiah. Race in American Science Fiction. Indiana University Press, 2011

This source is an informative book that talks about how some Science Fiction novels are representing racism. It goes over some of the Science Fiction key terms and how they got the idea of these words because of racial implementation. It gives the idea to the people that some characters ,that are in Science Fiction, are¬†imaginations of who they really are. It can be useful in my presentation because¬†the¬†word “race” is an important term for the connection between androids and African Americans.¬†Also, since race is involved with Science Fiction, that means there is a representation with the androids. Therefore, this source¬†is considered¬†to be background info.


4th Source: Dinello, Daniel. Technophobia!: Science Fiction Visions of Posthuman Technology. University of Texas Press, 2005

This source is somewhat similar to the 3rd source; however, the only difference is that it talks out how the androids were enslaved. It discusses on a certain text where androids were forced to do exactly as what the creator orders them to do. It is the way how androids were treated before they escaped from their creator. This is useful because blacks were also enslaved. They have experience the same problems of being enslaved as the androids were. This citation is also to be a background info.


5th Source:¬†Burks, Robin. ‚ÄúHow AMC’s ‘Humans’ Breaks The Sci-Fi Mold: A Look Ahead To The Season Finale.‚ÄĚ Tech Times, 15, August, 2015¬†

This article discuss about a show series and why this is so important to Science Fiction. It goes over about androids getting their chances of experiencing humanity thanks to their creator. The article shows that if the androids kept on learning reality, people would then that androids are not terrifying as they think they are. This source is useful because it gives the androids the opportunity to prove themselves that they are not dangerous. Similar to where as the African Americans, they proved to the white people that they are not a threat to them. For this source, it is a sub point to the main point.


6th Source:¬†Nishime, LeiLani. ‚ÄúThe Mulatto Cyborg: Imagining a Multiracial Future.‚ÄĚ Cinema Journal, 2005

Finally, in this source, it talks about cyborgs and their mixture of racial. The article goes over the details where the cyborgs are like white and black ancestry. In other words, people can imagine cyborgs being part of a world where there is a race between them and humans. This is useful because when it comes to race, there is a big difference between the two people of who they are. Just like with the cyborgs and humans we discussed before, or for the African Americans, you would have a race of white and black people. This is considered to be a background info.


Project Progress: One Important Key Term That Makes A Connection

After looking back at the last 2 drafts of my Archive Project Proposal, instead of researching the whole key terms¬†that are part of the genre in Science Fiction, I have decided to do only one key term that can be really important to the¬†readers. The key term that¬†I chose was the word android. As for the project itself, I’m going to¬†go over the connection between androids and the African Americans. It is true that androids and¬†African Americans are different; however, they both¬†can be a little similar¬†to each other. For instance,¬†they both had their difficult times of trying to be¬†part of¬†civilization in their own experiences. The androids had¬†some¬†tough times trying¬†to blend in¬†to the human world, while the humans are trying to hunt them down and end their lives. As for the African Americans, they have their rough days back in the day when the white people did not want the black people to be equal as citizens. Therefore, the connection between the two are actually strong.

The reason why the connections are strong is because they have similar harsh events in their history. For example, African Americans had to dealt with the Jim Crow Laws back in 1880s. In the minds of the white people, they did not want the black people to be as equals to them. Especially how a certain group called¬†the Ku Klux Klan, KKK, use torture and violence to give a¬†certain “message” to the blacks.¬†This shows white people did not want the blacks to be part of the civilizations. Comparing to the androids, they wanted to be part of humanity, but¬†humans wouldn’t allow that to happen. Every time they try to¬†blend in with no harm, they would still be kept on hunted¬†down.

Another reason of why their connection is strong is when people think that they’re insignificant. In other words, they shouldn’t exist from the very beginning. For example, there was an article about a graduate student that talked about how creating¬†androids and¬†have them be part of the human race is a bad idea. He had described about the principle of the Uncanny Valley, which states that if an android is getting more realistic as a human, then they have “no basis in reality.” It claims that the student cannot really trust onto androids if they’re starting to become like humans. Similar to the¬†African Americans¬†when white people say that they’re not good enough to be like them.

Also, in comparison to the article comes to journal that talks about the androids and the mixture of racial. The journal had talked about a certain term to describe the imagination of the multiracial future, and that term was called Mulatto. It is said that a Mulatto is a person who was born by the mixture white and one black ancestry .  They actually used this term to describe of how androids can be an imagination of the racial mixture. This shows that androids are like black people because they treated wrongly just how the blacks were treated from the beginning.

Another reason of why is because they were treated unfairly because of their race and who they are. For example, an author had created a book that talks about how some Science Fiction vocabularies were created because of racial implementations. It included the famous authors that wrote Science Fiction novels and they talk about how their books were created that involved racism. Another example, comparing to the text, is yet another book that is similar to other one. But in this text, it only talks about the androids and it goes into the details of how they were enslaved before they could escape their creators in a text that was created by the author. It describes how the enslaved androids was a sign of racism. This shows not only did the black people had to deal with themselves as slaves, but the androids had to experience that as well.

Finally, both the androids and African Americans had determination of never giving up until they achieve their goal. For example, there was an article that talked about a film where it involved androids try to blend in the human world. It talks about how one of the characters that created the androids, wanted to let them see the real world with their own minds  so that they can experience their own emotions. Their main goal is to have them be part of humanity. This shows that androids had to keep on moving forward until they achieve their goal just how the blacks had fight against segregation in order for them to be equals as the white people.


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Science Fiction Terms: Key to the Future

After class discussion on the peer review on the Archive Project from last class, I have decided to make a little change onto my research. Instead of searching for words from each individual texts and films, I am going to research on the major key words from the whole genre of science fiction, and to explain why they are important to know. Examples for the major key words are androids, robots, aliens, parallel universe, time travel, technology, etc. It is very interesting to me because using these terms helps readers and film watchers to better understand science fiction. Plus, how can you call it science fiction without the use of its key words? The way how the creators of these key words use them is to show the predictions of what is going to happen in the real world.

According to the documentary How William Shatner Changed the World,¬†Shatner had described how the real world technology connects to the science fiction technology by using a classic Sci-Fi show Star Trek.¬†And of course, the major key word the documentary¬†used was technology.¬†He talked about how Martin Cooper, the inventor of¬†cell phone, was inspired by Star Trek of creating the cell phone. He also mentioned the Cooper did a comparison between the cell phone and the Star Trek Communicator. Another scene the documentary showed was when Star Trek influenced the people for the “notion of the user-friendly personal computer

There are multiple major key words that the authors used in their own books. The most interesting book I liked was Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick. In this text, Philip used one of the major key words that is part of the genre, and that key word was android. He described how androids did not have emotions and that androids wanted to join the human world so that they can get emotions. However, Philip had mentioned that androids had emotions all along. For example, he wrote in the text that Rachael, one of the characters and an android, had feelings over Rick Deckard, the bounty hunter. Another example is when Philip wrote down in the text that Roy, leader of the androids, was upset and angry when he saw that Deckard killed his wife. He showed the readers that even though androids are machines on the inside, they still had emotions deep within themselves. In predictions to the real world, androids can be like us humans if we can give these androids what they want.

When it comes to creating Sci-Fi films, directors have been using the major key words to show the people that it is a science fiction film. There are three Sci-Fi films that I want to mention in this research project. The first film I shall mention is Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang. In this film, the major key word that Lang used was robot. Lang used a robot called The Machine Man to show that it can cause chaos and destruction. If someone like the creator¬†is not too careful with robots, then the next thing they will see is city burning and hearing robots saying “Destroy Humans! Destroy!” In the second film Alien directed by Ridley Scott, the key word that he used was alien. Scott used these aliens, called Xenomorphs, as a danger to the human race. What is problematic about the Xenomorphs is get more humans involved in this, and they will be dealing with more aliens. Anytime space travelers goes out to space, it is best for them to be keeping an eye on any living organisms that is abnormal. Finally, in the third film Back to the Future directed by Robert Zemeckis, the key word that he used was time traveling. Robert used a time machine that looks a car called DeLorean. With this time machine, anyone can go back time. People may have their chances of changing time if they mess up an event back in the past. This rate, other inventors would probably build a time machine when they get inspired by this film. These three films show that when¬†people watch science fiction, they would ask themselves “Is this going to happen in real life?” The only answer they should say to themselves is that only fate can tell.


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Key Terms of Science Fiction

The archive project proposal I want to research on is the key terms that are within Science Fiction and why they are really important to know.

The reason why I want to research this topic is because whenever¬†we read a book or watch a movie that involves Science Fiction, we always discover upon certain important vocabulary words that are significant to Science Fiction. Authors/Directors create these terms for us readers to get to know more on what they mean and what their connections are to other Science Fiction texts. Others would be interested in this topic because knowing what these key terms are means that you’re also describing on why those terms existed in the text.

For example, back at class when we discuss on the text “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?,” we had talked about the two major terms which were empathy and mercerism. When we had discovered those terms in the beginning of the book, we described on what they mean, and as we continue along to the end of the book, we then talked about on why they use these terms as important as they are. Another example that involves with the text that we read was Brave New World. In that text, the important key term we mostly talked about was the word savage. We asked the questions on how we, the readers, have to define someone as the savage. But if there was one really important key term from all parts of Science Fiction, it would have to be from Star Wars. The most important term they use in the Star Wars series was the word force. Whenever you see the part when a Jedi Knight says to the other one “May the force be with you,” it actually means that let the power of god be on your side. So the word “force” means the power of god.

So as you can see, when stumble upon a key term in Science Fiction, in the words of Optimus Prime from Transformers, “There’s more than meets the eye!” In other words, one word can mean something in a huge way!

My Midsemester Reflection

So it is that time for the rest of the semester to continue on till its last final days. If there is one thing I can find it funny, it’s that time is going really fast. But no matter what, I will always find this class to be interesting. Before I came into this class, I have seen Science Fiction movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Avengers, etc.¬†¬†As I seen those movies, I always define Science Fiction as a make believe story that is filled with technology, space and aliens. However, when I got into this course in the first day, I just got myself in a whole new experience of Science Fiction.

Through the times I’ve been with this class, I’ve begun to learn¬†new things about Science Fiction. What I liked about the course is that when you read or watch anything that is part of Science Fiction, in some scenes, they actually have meanings. In other words, you have to understand what the main idea of the story is and what¬†the¬†details in the story¬†mean. For example, back when we were¬†reading a text called “Brave New World,” we, the readers, have been discussing on who the characters are in the story and what their lives are like in the future. The way how we understand what this book means is when we have to know what certain key terms the book uses to describe¬†its¬†important quotes. The thing that makes our discussion interesting is when we do¬†a reasonable explanation of what the book means. We would first have to know what kind of questions the book has in stored for us readers. After that, we would answer¬†the question by knowing which quote you had to read that goes along with¬†that question, and when we use the quote, we then explained what that means and how it answers the question. So the fact of what makes this course interesting is knowing what Science Fiction truly means.

Although that learning more things about Science Fiction can be really good for you future knowledge, it can sometimes be a bit more challenging. But as I kept on moving forward in this course, it actually helped me solve some problems I had. For example, I didn’t really get on how you were suppose to find important details as you keep on reading the text. But I learned that in order to find the important details, you have to keep on focusing on the text, read carefully and know which details best supports to the topic of the book. Another example is when I ever find the details in the text, it was so hard to know what that detail means that it was difficult for me to explain it. During our discussion, before when we dealt with the texts, they had said that in order to really know what the details mean, you would have to read it again and annotate it to understand the details better. Things I had to learn can be rough, but as I put my mind into this course, it gives me strength to not deal with any kinds of stress.

Not only did this course help me¬†gain experience with Science Fiction, but¬†it¬†also gave me some new ideas that I never thought of. For example, they taught to me that there was one major key term that every Science Fiction text have in common. And that key term is “Hierarchy .” The reason why is because I¬†have known a bunch of Science Fictions and I didn’t realize that there was a certain term makes all¬†texts related to one another.¬†¬†At first I never knew what hierarchy was from the beginning of the class. But as I continue with the other texts we’ve gone over, it started to make sense to me. So if I see another book or movie that is Science Fiction, I would then notice where does hierarchy come into action.

With this kind of knowledge, I would start on¬†analyzing every time I read or watch anything that involves Science Fiction.¬†What I would do whenever I read a Science Fiction book is going over the details as I read the text. Maybe I would take out my notes and write down the important details after I annotate the quotes. As for watching movies that are Science Fiction, first thing I have to do is enjoy the movie and of course, know what’s going on. But if I see the movie again, then I would just analyze it and pause in scenes that can be meaningful. After I analyze and write down some notes from the Science Fiction movie, same thing with reading the text, I would ask myself “What does this have to relate to the real world? Could this be a potential of what’s going to happen in the future?”

What I expect to see in the rest of this semester is knowing what other kind of Science Fiction topics I’m gonna learn besides the text that involves robots. I hope to see some aliens be part of a text.¬†Also, I would love to see if there is another movie I have to watch like how I watched Blade Runner. So I hope to see some more interesting ideas with Science Fiction than before!

Creation Gone From Good to Horribly Wrong

So in certain moments when it comes to making your creations, either a machine or an android, you may think that it’s successful and nothing can go wrong. But when the future comes, you won’t¬†be able to predict what’s gonna happen next. After seeing the movie “Blade Runner,” there were some parts that were a little similar to the¬†book “Do Androids Dream a Sheep.” However, most of the scenes and the plot were different comparing to the text. For example, instead of naming the androids just androids, the movie actually named them¬†Replicants. Also, in the movie, the Replicants didn’t have their lasers or guns just like in the book where Rick Deckard fought against that android and he had his laser. But the most¬†important thing that movie didn’t have, unlike the text,¬†is that they didn’t¬†include the word “empathy.” As for making the movie similar to the book, they¬†show a way how the Replicants acted.

Out of all of the Replicants that are crazy and out of their minds, Roy is the most insane Replicant. The way how he does his actions was mad and deranged. For example, when he got to finally meet his creator, Tyrell, he told him that he wants to have more life just like the humans have. But Tyrell then explained to Roy why he doesn’t want to give Roy more life. After that, as Roy got up close to Tyrell and put his hands onto his face, he then stick both of his thumbs inside of Tyrell’s eyes. Making the creator dead by his own creation. This completely shows that as you develop your creation, it will soon then betray you just by killing you. In other words, it won’t be following the master’s orders at all. Not only did killing Tyrell made Roy really insane, but as he saw Pris died by Deckard, he started howling like a wolf and he was chasing Deckard while his pants and shirt were off. As he was running around looking for Deckard, he was laughing maniacally and starting patronizing him by saying “Come out and play! You won’t be able to play with me if you don’t meet face to face.” So as you let your creation go, doing somethings on its own, then sooner or later your creation will become an insane monster in the next level. So if we humans must learn something before the future comes, we must know to always keep an eye onto our creation very precisely.

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