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The Connection between Science Fiction and Fashion. The connections between Science Fiction and Fashion are not very evident at first thought. You have to study science fiction text and film carefully to see it. There is a clear connection between the two, and both of them would not be the same without the other. Science Fiction has for a long time influenced the design and creation of trends in the real world of fashion. Some examples that we see in our daily lives are those of streetwear that’s design is influenced directly by Science Fictions films like Star Wars and The Matrix. These films put great thought into how the costumes they use fit into their fantasy worlds.  So much so that many major films hire seasoned and famous couture and high-end fashion designers to concept and design their costumes.  Without the freedom that the big screen brings to play with and experiment with fashion ideas then our real world fashions wouldn’t be the same. Vice Versa the same can be said with Fashions influence on Science Fiction. Taking a look at films, whose worlds focus on dystopias and post- apocalyptic settings which has been a center topic this semester. We see that vintage styles and trends in our real world affect the world filmmakers and writers create. There is evidence of this in the leather-clad punk warriors in Mad Max who travel across the desert fighting for resources.  We see it in The Matrix who’s focus on the early 2000s and the rise of the internet, and our robotic overlords,  their costumes are based on the goth, all black leather and trench coats we saw in our youth. My research stems from watching major motion pictures who’s storylines and background development backs this claim up. Look at 2001: A Space Odyssey and how they hired a Couture designer to create streamlined costumes.  We see this connection between Science fiction and Fashion in many online publications that speak about where the films got their inspiration from, what trends developed because of these films and the last impressions they’ve left on the way we dress.  Science Fiction and Fashion seem like two completely different topics or fields. The truth is that one would not be able to exist without the other. They play off each other and without a doubt push one and other to greater heights.


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This obviously isn’t finished. It’s taken me a while to get what I’ve got here at 4 pages and this is without a cover letter. Been trying to comb through all of my information and get the important stuff down even though it’s really long already and I still have to finish my ideas and add a conclusion. I’ll continue to write and update this again.


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Researching Fashion in Sci-fi vs real world and advancements.

Research / topics:

  • 3D Printing clothing. It can be said that 3D printing tech has been used plenty in the creation of clothing recently. The thing is that most of it is not practical or are things most people wouldn’t wear today. Now there are companies like Nike / adidas that are putting 3D printing technology to practical uses in Fashion. THey design a shoe, test it, take notes, print a new one with the changes and test it again. This can be done multiple times within hours or days. A process that in the infancy of Nike could have taken months or even years between testing a shoe and sending their notes and changes to factories to produce.
    • I think this is a predictor of the future of the fashion industry. A time where we’ll be able to wear fitted products that are tailor made for us and our bodies.
    • Improved performance from these products since every piece of equipment is produced specifically for your body.
    • A new industry of custom clothing. Similar to the old days of leather workers, weavers, iron smiths, etc… but now with those who know how to create or design 3D printed items. They’ll be the new artisan movement.
  • Virtual worlds are a topic in science fiction. Maybe virtual reality or another form called augmented reality. Now in the fashion industry we are seeing more and more tech. (NFC) are chips embedded in many of our products today. When you wave your phone over these chips you get information about the product. It’s a way for us to be more connected with the things we love but it also raises issues of privacy as with most tech. The idea that the industry or government is always keeping track of what we do, what we buy and how we spend our money. There really is not privacy now.
  • Fashion shows have always been very secretive and selective about who attends because they want to keep their world exclusive to only the wealthiest and the people who are influencers in the industry. Virtual reality can and will change that. Companies are creating 3D models of people who model virtual 3D clothing. They can create entire virtual fashion shows that you’d be able to attend from the comfort of your home, and be able to get perfect views of every style and get as close as you want. Something you would never be able to do even if you attended a real show.
  • Materials for creating clothing haven’t changed that much in thousands of years. Natural fibers like cotton, leathers, metals, etc… other than maybe synthetic materials from the last few decades like nylon. Now this is changing. Very rapidly over the last few years we’re seeing very high tech materials like 3D materials I mentioned before, and others like materials that can repair themselves or that are hydrophobic, or that are in all essence alive. By this I mean that the material is made of living organisms like bacteria. These materials will be able to repair and re-organize themselves when damaged. Fabrics you can cut multiple times and still have no holes in. These are things that were never thought possible in the past.

In science fiction we see examples of how the fashion of sci-fi worlds in film are influenced by ideas of what we’ll wear in the future but also the past and the here and now. Updates on current trends, and even the use of classic pieces like trench coats that are seen in movies like Blade runner, and the matrix. Worlds like that in the show Firefly even show how the western world isn’t the only fashion influencer by demonstrating future fashion that’s inspired by Asian culture.
Still have a lot of research to add here that I’ve done.  Also coming up with conclusions of my own. What I’ve noticed is that I really love seeing all of the new technology that is being developed for fashion in the real world.

marco proposal / revised proposal

I sent this by email originally because I forgot to upload it here.

The Connection between fashion and Science fiction. Focusing on movies primarily because of the visual elements of course. How science fiction has influenced fashion and vice versa. First example that came to mind was that of Starwars and the robes that everyone wears. Very loose fitting clothing etc. That compared to examples of streetwear seen today. The long hemline loose t-shirts, the long hoodies, and jackets the baggy jogger pants, the use of earth tones or simple colors like black and white. Many high-end fashion brands sell this style clothing and sell it with rips, and stains, and give it that used look. This look with the colors can be influenced or inspired by films like Starwars, Mad Max, and The Matrix. Two of which show post-apocalyptic worlds where the inhabitants have ripped and dirty clothing and everyone wears very simple colors. In some films like back to the future, demolition man, robocop, and blade runner, the clothing in the films is inspired by trends going on in the time periods. Most were filmed in the 80’s and the costume choices depict that. What I wanna explore is how has science fiction and fashion influenced each other. How has the technology in science fiction books / films has been integrated, in the real world regarding clothing, and technology that’s being developed for fashion in the future.
My second idea was to explore the relationship between concept art and science fiction. Concept art is visual illustration of an idea. Concept art is used in every form of art. If you have a book, an illustrator can interpret that books concept as he thinks it would look. They design plans for non-existent cities, they visualize how a creature might look, they design the clothing a society would wear, the weapons they use, the vehicles they drive, etc… What I would be exploring is how these ideas are for the concept art of films, and stories is developed. What goes into it, the research, whether it’s based on reality, or things that exist, whether real science has an influence. Has any concept developed for stories or films been used in real life or inspired real world technology or invention. How books have been adapted into films based on illustrators concepts, and how they came up with those visuals based on the books. A claim I’d make is how Science Fiction and Concept Art go hand and hand. How i believe you can’t have one without the other. People who develop stories and books I’m sure had sketches and doodles of the things in these worlds they created.

The first idea is the one I believe I’ll be going with because in some areas it also includes ideas from the second. In terms of conceiving and creating ideas based on books and film etc.  The focus of the project will be (How science fiction and fashion have influenced each other) How the technology in science fiction books and films has been integrated in the real world regarding clothing, and technology that’s being developed for fashion in the future.  Exploring the parallels between the two or comparisons. I’ll give examples and visual examples of how technology has been introduced into clothing or (wearables) like smart watches recently, and other technological advances that are influenced by science fiction. I’ll show examples of trends that are evident today in fashion / streetwear.


Mid Reflection.


Since we began this course I know we’ve done a couple in class reflections or free writing exercises that a little bit of reflection. As a writer I believe I haven’t changed much. I’d hope this would be different but in all honesty I haven’t kept up with my practice writing with my weekly blog post and comments. When it comes to analyzing text and understanding a story I do think I’ve changed.

Being able to understand a character’s motives, how they interact with other characters and overall the importance of their actions in a setting or story. I know that I was able to do this before but it is different now because I look deeper. The constant questioning you made us do, and looking for evidence to back our ideas and conclusions, looking at the smallest things to help us see why they do what they do.

The power and scope of science fiction was something that wasn’t lost to me before this class. I know that many science fiction works from books to movies have influenced our society in big ways. A connection I noticed after watching the short film of the machine, and blade runner, as well as reading a Brave new world and Do androids dream of electric sheep was with the company Apple. Early on before they became what we know today they had an unveiling of an early personal computer. The idea behind the marketing was that they wanted to sell a computer that was different from the boring office IBM and microsoft computers that were the norm. The painted this picture with a very controversial commercial that showed hundreds of people dressed the same, same bald heads, etc. They all looked like robots or androids. Then comes in the hero; a woman running through the middle of all the androids with a giant sledge hammer. She throws and smashes a giant screen that was talking and brainwashing the crowd. I saw a direct connection not only in the idea, to (Do androids dream of electric sheep), but I also saw a visual connection to blade runner.

This inspiration on these science fiction classics is something I love. I want to design street wear and start my own brand with my illustrations and ideas. Many of the logos, and graphics I create are inspired by films and books. Their typefaces, logos, poster designs, the imagery in a scene, a piece of clothing a character wore, or an interesting phrase or quote a character said that stays with me. I grab inspiration from pretty much everything around me. I know that science fiction still till this day is looked on like a genre for nerds but everywhere you look you can see references to it and how it inspires products. Clothing that famous designers create, the cars we see today inspired by films from decades ago. Technology we use today inspired by ideas that were hinted in movies and books. One thing I noticed and love is how the writers of the books we read basically predicted the future?  In a brave new world they predicted a helicopter / plane. It could take off vertically like a helicopter but once in air, it’s propellers would shift forward and it would fly like a plane. That is incredible.

A new idea, or well not new idea but rather something I noticed in these writings was the importance of religion. I grew up Roman Catholic and I went through all of the customs and things Catholics. But as soon as I was old enough to make my own choices I stopped going to church. So I’ve never been into religion personally I knew that it was important for many. I like the idea of learning about religion and where it began and it’s history but I always had an issue with evidence. What I found interesting in pretty much every single one of our readings was the importance of religion. How in many of the “Advanced” societies that we read about they would talk about advancing past the nonsense of religion and gods, but as you continued you’d notice how they’ve developed their own religions. Praising machines, or the government and listening to their rules. I found it interesting how all these societies no matter how advanced still had many of our issues. The second things were out of their hands, they’d become stressed and look up to a powerful being for help and structure. For a brave new world it was the world state and soma to make them feel good and structured. For the Machine Stops it was of course the machine to make them feel safe inside their little bubble.

For the next half of the semester, I hope to just continue looking at and being exposed to reading and stories I haven’t seen before and I hope to become a better writer. I’m pretty much just over the place now spitting out my ideas as I go. This was just like a free writing exercise for me.

16 – 22

Post is obviously late. I tried to post it even though it was late but I didn’t see an option at the bottom of the (Chap 16 – 22) to comment. So I posted into 16 -22 but I don’t know if it’ll go to where it should be. Hope it does.

Empathy can’t be recreated. There is the one example of the android that was killed by the hunter? I forgot his name but he retires Luft. She sang, and admired art. I think she’s the most “human” acting android I can think of. We didn’t see much of her which I’d have liked, to have found out whether she does these thinks because she was programmed that way or it was genuine. All the other androids were very cold and calculating. They made plans and they tried to deceive. but in their own ways had their human defects as well. Too much confidence is one I noticed. For example when Racheal tried to convince Rick she wasn’t an android when they first met and then takes over the conversation and tries to blackmail him. She played the victim card but once she was found she did a 360. Now she did it later when she beds rick in 16 / 17. She does it and then he gets infatuated with her,  but she turns around and slips by letting him know she’s done the same thing with the other hunter and that she knows the androids Rick is hunting.

One thing I noticed that was weird and I questioned was how Rachael gets drunk ? I think what I question really is if these androids were originally created to be “slaves” to do a certain job and that was it. Why is it that the designers or programmers who created these androids. Why did they give them so many human faults? I mean it’s not like she’s the first android we see with a fault like that. I saw it as well when Rick faced off against Polovick and he boast and corrected rick and then tried to kill him. He first tried to play it off and give  himself another personality. I know that appearance wise they had to look real because it made people feel better but the personality and the faults I don’t see why.

Another thing I found weird is why the androids act so evil or messed up towards animals ? Almost like in comparison to how they’re treated by humans? They for no reason torture the spider. Racheal to get back at rick throws the goat off the roof, she feels no empathy towards animals as the rest of the androids don’t either, etc. I find it weird they act this way, but I think it’s funny because they torture the creature they can, as the humans take advantage of the androids and do with them what they wish.

Rick is a weird character because he begins showing no empathy for the androids, even none towards the animal androids but knows they’re necessary. Now later the comparison is made between androids and animal robots about how the animal robots are just less sophisticated androids. Later on Rick begins to sympathize with the Human Androids. But even after Rachel – Pris screws him over and he retires her and the remaining Androids. He went through all this and didn’t lose that gained empathy? He realized the toad was important even after he found out it was a robot.

I know I liked this book more than I did A Brave New World. I liked this authors style of writing more. The story was more interesting to me.

Class notes 10/13/16

  • Mid- Semester grades go in on October 31st.
  • Friday 10/14 is a Tuesday schedule and we’ll be reviewing for the mid-term.
  • Visitor in class next Thursday

We talked about the first few chapters of Do Androids dream of electric sheep. Reviewed characters and themes.

– Rick Deckard – Ex-cop, Bounty hunter, main protagonist, hunts “Andys” androids. Considers himself a cop, but his wife calls him a killer hired by cops. He’s upset with being forced with staying on earth. He’s not content. Really wants an animal and is obsessed with them.

-Iran Deckard – Bitter voice, gray eyes compared to androids, refused to dial mood organ to wake up like her husband, chooses to be depressed and dials it into the mood organ machine.

– Empathy is a defining characteristic between humans / androids. Pg 30.   Mentions how androids have developed so much even surpassed humans but still can’t reproduce empathy.

Big Questions?

  • Why was the mood organ created? What does it mean to have genuine emotion or artificial?
    Are there limited emotions on the Mood Organ Machine? Are the couple considered to be cyborgs because they use the mood organ?  Outside of what they dial they still manage to feel real emotions that they can’t control.
  • Forms of Soma? Mood Organ Machines, Animals, mercerism, caste & social status, empathy box – Seems to be a form of VR that make people feel connected, and the buster friendly and his friendly friends show on TV.

Settings – Post-apocalyptic, dusty, WW3 or WWT, World War Terminus. There’s colonies on Mars. Radioactive fallout / dust. Narrator mentions no one remembers the reasons for the war really. Radioactive dust and fall out has killed almost all the animals, but they’re recreated. Animals that remain are really expensive and are cherished and taken care of. More expensive animals are for the rich and those of a higher social class. During colonization, androids were part of the process. The government promised an android to every single person who emigrated to Mars. These Andys were promised to be personalized and meant to serve you. Andys were modified in the for colonization / war and for specific jobs.

Someone mentioned the idea of androids being individuals? If you think of A brave New World  and how humans were created through the Bokanovsky Process. It is very similar to how these androids are created. They’re both created for a specific purpose or job. These are organic humans but they’re like robots because of how they’re created and conditioned. What’s the real difference between them?

Existential Questions.

Existential Questions. Whether or not life has meaning, and why we exist. I like to think that every single person gives life their own meaning. Based on what you think is important and what you like to follow. I think that Existential Questions are such a big deal because they bother a lot of people. Whether or not life has a meaning, and why we exist, these are things that basically run the world I.E religion. Religions are created to give us answers to those questions and silence the fears.


Many of the existential questions in our life today are brought up in The Brave New world and I find it incredible that the author was able to make predictions and make it such a relatable book based on how old the book is.


What is happiness ? The government in their world government thinks that happiness should be constant at all times and it’s why Soma is taken at the moment someone feels discontent or uncomfortable. People who are kept drugged, and medicated can’t question what’s going on in the world around them. I connect this directly to today’s epidemic of how people are addicted to prescription drugs. How doctors, and policies push these drugs on people constantly and it’s also enforced by our governments through their policies and lobbyist.


One thing that I found interesting and I questioned at the beginning of the book was why they needed to grow human beings at such an enormous rate? Thousands at a time. After getting details about the global war they had the destroyed much of the world it makes more sense because the population of the world was probably decimated. Which is related to World War 2 because the rewrite of the book was introduced after the author witnessed it. So the world government decided to grow humans to repopulate but they found ways to grow humans exactly as needed. Just the right amount of brainpower that they can handle basic functions and not enough for them to be able to understand their situation. And continue to keep them drugged to keep power over them. This whole situation between how they engineered humans as they wished and keeping everyone drugged; I found it awesome that through all this, the human spirit could still persist, could still come out in small ways. In Helmholtz on this want to write and create more important work than what he was doing for the government creating hypnopaedic rhymes. In Bernards insecurities, and also cockiness. How he felt so inferior to everyone but the second he has his hands on the “Savage” the new power goes to his head so quickly he loses it when people start to treat him like they did before.


When it comes to happiness relating to this book if you’re happy all the time, then there is absolutely no way for you to know what real happiness is. If you haven’t experienced sadness, discomfort or anything how can you know the difference between anything if you’re always happy. The reason happiness is great is because it’s different from the rest of the emotions we experience. The only people who experienced TRUE Happiness are Helmholtz and Bernard. When Helmholtz met John the savage and they exchanged rhymes, and John showed him Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. That Was real happiness and emotion that Helmholtz demonstrated, he was ecstatic to hear a different kind of writing, to see the raw emotion even though his hypnopaedic conditioning reared it’s ugly head even then because he thought some of the emotions made no sense. Bernard in feeling sad, in feeling inferior to his peers. This allows him to feel something different. When he finally feels happiness, it’s true happiness. He feels this when he brings John to the civilized world and people are finally wanting to hang out with him. It didn’t last long but it was real and that’s what’s important.

The question of happiness is probably the most important to me.

Fighting the fight that can’t be won

There was guy talking in the night when I was walking home and he said something about there being no point in fighting a fight that can’t be won. I think he was talking about the government and life in general. This really got me thinking about “The Machine Stops”. Kind of unsettling actually.

One connection I can make is that Kuno basically did fight the fight that couldn’t be won. He defied every rule that had been set forth by generations of complacent humans, and by the machine. Everything he did was because of curiosity. This way down deep human drive that he had discovered again which was lacking in everyone else. It drove him to see what was on the outside. What confused me in some parts was how and why he ended up being moved to another unit instead of being expelled because that just made me think that the idea of being “homeless” was fake. It was created just to instill fear in everyone. If he defied the machine in the worse possible way, and yet “the machine was merciful” it didn’t act on it; it didn’t punish him for it. Then I think homelessness was just used for fear to keep people in line. Almost like the idea of (Hell) in Christianity.

IDEAS. Ideas were one of the biggest things that stood out to me from this reading. Like most religions, stories are passed on by man, to man, to man, nothing is tangible, and there is no real evidence of anything that people believe in. The lecturer claimed how original thought, original ideas were the worse thing ever. They were disgusting; they were not to be had. Instead it was better to hear someone else’s ideas or thoughts and take those as your own. Better yet to have ideas and thoughts passed down from person to person so you would be so far removed from the original thought or truth that you wouldn’t know what it really was at all. You would just follow what you were told because that’s how it always was and will always be. |
They always talked about everyone wanting to have ideas, being upset if interrupted during ideas, or asking friends if they’ve had ideas. BUT NO ONE had any ideas period at all during the story. The only original idea was that of Kuno who said he saw the stars and compared them to man. Something that has been done for thousands of years. Giving objects human characteristics. His idea was the only one. And when his mother heard it, she couldn’t understand it, she couldn’t comprehend it.

A part at the end of the story; the lecturer mentioned how love and fear were horrible things to base anything real on, any civilization on. Or saying how the machine is perfect because it doesn’t base life on anything of the sort, it just does what it does for people and people are to worship it, as if it wasn’t man who built it. Either way, It brought back something I saw earlier in the reading about public nurseries. How at births mother and child are separated for life. Later they hinted at birth being this one and only act that a mother does. But the act of taking the kids away and creating barriers is again the machines way of destroying love, and human emotions that can lead to issues.

A part that I saw that proved that the surface of the world wasn’t as uninhabited as they lead us to believe is when shes sees these light houses lining the coast of the island and they’re still shining. Or how Kuno has seen things moving but of course he hadn’t the time to really investigate since he was brought back inside by the mending apparatus.

The idea of Kuno pushing his limits day by day until he was strong enough to exit the earth. Then how he was successful in exiting but was brought back by force and later dies without being able to exit ever again. It reminds me of the boy Icarus; who flew too close to the sun and lost his wings. ” but I had got back the sense of space and a man cannot rest then”. This quote by Kuno is him finding that call of the wild, of nature, of the unknown that man is driven by. It’s what has always driven mans urge to innovate and create and explore. Wanderlust.

The lecturer like in any religion claiming how the machine is eternal, and how the machine began to become a religion in itself. nothing built by man is eternal. The central committee didn’t exist ? That’s something I was confused about, but it reminds me of the bureaucracy in governments. How things are run, how they say they’ll do something but never get to it, and just say they’ll pass it to the higher ups and never do, and nothing ever gets done.

“But Humanity, in its desire for comfort, had over-reached itself”. Something that we see today, proving that all innovation in technology isn’t positive. Something like self driving cars? Seems good, they’re comfortable, and as soon as they’re available people stop being in control and accidents happen.  Or how we push for innovation so hard, that we don’t care about what damage is being done to our world, and what we’re going to be passing on to our next generation.

That’s about it. I had many thoughts on this reading, and i’m pretty excited to talk about them in class to be honest.


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