City Tech, Fall 2016

Author: Ghasan shahbain

Mid semester reflection !!!

science fiction is a topic that interests me the most.  I certainly can apply so much discrediting topics about science fiction and it will still look so much good in my visions. The reason why science fiction is intersting to me is the fact that science fiction have been always the futuristic topic that everyone should of thought about and recognized a while ago. I admit that before I took this class i had something else in my mind. In fact i never knew what is a science fiction exactly because I had never experienced something that is called science fiction. Although i have been loving anything related to science fiction before I knew what is science fiction. It is almost mid semester and we have gone through a lot of science fiction topics, books, and movies that would perfectly idealize the relations between novels and movies in relation to science fiction. While it is so much hard to make a movie that is one hundred percent similar to any novel, movies watched during this semester were actually similar to its novels in a very close steps. I believe I have learned a lot during the first half of this semester. What really bothers me is each time I try too hard to to write a good blog post but It really got me no where, I never received a full credit for any blog post up to know.  The reason why I do no get full credit varies from One blog to another. However, it is just the same to me since what ever is the reason it got me no full credit.

What makes science fiction interesting ? Lets just say it is the adventures written in each book. Each book has something that makes it better then the other, but what really interests me is no book had not been about an adventure. It seems like as if all science fiction books are actually falling into the adventure genera, I could be wrong but it is what I am thinking at least at the moment. Brave new world, the Machine Stops, Metropolis and many others that we read had some sort of an adventure on it. I am concluding that Science fiction actually means futuristic adventures. On one point it is adventures and on the other hand it always been about the future. I have never seen a science fiction novel that took place in the same year or decade as the time it’s written on. Basically it is like saying ” this is whats going to happen in the future.

Many more factors that involves me concluding that adventure and science fiction are a two faces of a coin money is the value of the text written in those novels. Usually to write something about the future you must amuse the reader by making everything futuristic, even if you have to break some divine rules to succeed. An example of what I mean, When I read the first science fiction novel I noticed that everything in the book is futuristic in the novel except the novel itself. I do not mean the writer should of wrote his book in an eBook in the 1900’s hundred where eBook had never existed but I mean he should of changed the written rules at least. Or Stopped/ignored The MLA etc formats used in writing any texts at this time. More to add, science fiction writers should of made a different writing method then what we use in our modern literature.

Last point to say, it is know almost passed the mid term time for this class and until know I knew a lot of things that can be or not be important to my writing skills. However it is very important When it come to my research and reading skills. I read books know and i understand points just by looking at them, I remember a while back i could not even read the book as I do not understand its content. The machine stops for example, i had no idea what the story about until i heard from the professor in class. I read it once and twice and I thought it is about a space ship somewhere far from the destroyed earth. when i heard it in class it turned out to be a machine under the ground of the same earth that was destroyed by idiots who love wars.  Anyway, by the time I read brave new world i was already understanding so much things that made me realized reading is a good skill that i should carry on in my life.

My replica is not me !!!

Blade runner is an awsome movie that I liked, however there is no main similarities between the book Do Android Dream Of Electric Sheep ? And the movie Blade Runner. It is like as if this is a totally different story while the book is also a different story. For example, there was a tv show in the book where it actually made a turning point in the whole story. It was the melting point of the escalating events that occurred. Blade runner in particular has no Buster Friendly or mercerism conflict within.

The idea of the kampoff test was not similar to the one in the book. Or at least I expected the test to be something highly important. It seemed like in the movies it’s just questions randomized to ask robots where actually the androids are not similar to the books characterized andys. The book made the test more interesting by simulating the event happening before and after the test. Preparations, important and plot of the situations makes it very important thing once done all eyes and ears are to be open in full capacity during that moment.

Despite the fact that characters are different and events are mostly different then the book. There was a strange idea where one Andy wanted to expand its life time (1:22:00 – 1:24:00). During the same event in the book I saw no relation to an Andy obsessed with life time except for once or twice mentioning a life time of four years in the book. However it’s a little different in here because the Andy actually wants to expand the time range of its living time.
In conclusion, I believe many things were different that distinguish the book from the movie but mostly the main idea is similar and is to be looked it very deeply.

Important reasons #whyiwrite

I write because it’s the only way to communicate professionally. I understand we can speak, and use the sign language or in fact there is many ways to communicate. However, non of that is important as much as writing is. When I write I dream of good things like as if I sky dive or swim deep in the ocean. When it comes to discovering my thoughts it must be written down. Each and every thought is written, typed or memorized and I consider them as forms of writing. Through out history books, novels and written document were the best thing humans benefited from. Almost everything that is discoverd or made by humans is documented for future generations. There should not be away for anyone to question the importance of writing and it should not occur to anyone that writing is less then the oxygen they need to survive.

Nothing is certain in this life.

It’s most certain that false info can change once attitude toward something. Ricks fear of the last andriod or actually not the last but the andriod he believes to be hardest then all the others. Roy already had a criminal record that would make anyone scares but it shouldn’t of had scared Rick who is supposed to be the real bounty hunter ( 185 ). Ricks most info came from Rachel who is presenter as the helper and the person with knowledge about all andriods created by the Comoany. When ricks search or even mention any questions regarding andriods Rachel would help him( 188, 189) and also made him relize that he could be better some how. Ricks actions toward Rachel predicted the true nature of humans trusty. While Rachel at the end was only there to play Rick and make him never kill an Andy ever after. Her way of doing that was simply by making him generate feelings for her then mating with him ( 191).

Comes up a word of honor and an act of respect, ricks reaction ship with his self made him run into an internal conflict. He wasn’t able to retire Pris because she’s very identical to the lady ricks have feelings for. Which also happens to be very important at ricks life. A replica created to stop bounty hunters from doing their assigned job by those who are not following the law of the land( 195 ). Rick emotions toward Rachel made him forget about what’s real and what’s not. It made him forget about what’s allowed and what’s not. He mentioned he would marry her if it’s allowed ( 197 ) but then the case is not if its allowed or not. The real issue is how could he think to marry an andriod who can not feel, act or reproduce like his own kind. When he found out he was unable to retire her as his feelings was already deep( 201 ).

At another point empathy and emotions in andriods is not real. It could never be real at any point the androids that lived in johns Appartment or at least were in his Appartment were acting unhuman which is actually the first time in the book that it mentions andriods being different then humans directly( 206 ). Humans do bot hurt animals as animals are sacred and very important to apperciate the life they are dropped into at that era ” Pris climbed out another leg”( 206) the andriod Pris is questioning why a spider has eight legs and she decides to make them only four legs. To find out what real and what’s not real in this Appartment this can explain a lot the girl is an andriod and ricks later found out with out doing any tests for them because their actions already spoke for them.

In conclusion, there is nothing certain about realism in Philips book. Beyond doubts it’s generally a master piece that broughts up the inside if humans togather. The main idea that can distinguish andys and humans is empathy and realism.

Class notes 10/18/2016

Class notes 10/18/2016

Theme: doubling
Sub themes and points to explain the theme.

– two sides / mirror image
– Rachel / Paris
– humans / cyborgs( andys )
– synthetic / real
– good / bad
– alternate reality / parallel universe
– false memory’s / real memories
Start of class reminders:
– blogs were graded check your grading on Openlab
Questions to be answered by all formed groups:
5 groups of 3 students each are assigned to answer the raised question for each chapter discussed.

How does this chapter help us to understand the theme of ” Doubling” / the conflict of authentic/ ersatz ?

Each group analyzed one chapter and came up with 3 points regarding the question.

Chapter 7 group:
( 73 ) busters friendly and mercerism influence john.
( 74 ) mercerism has a way of showing peace
( 76 ) control over our souls.

Chapter 8 group:
Spoke about doubling in polokov and other self.
( 91 ) sloppy accent revealed his true identity to Rick
( 92-93 ) future weapons are strong – older weapons can be stronger.
(94) mood machine didn’t stick to the happy mood it went back to depression mood.

Chapter 9 group:
Spoke about false memory and Luba’s actions

Chapter 10 group:
Spoke about what’s real and what’s not real
User evidence from pages
( 113 ) Rick is real or not.
( 114 – 115 ) what’s real and what’s not real
( 118 ) non existence police agency and both humans and andys believe they are the reality.

Chapter 11 group: spoke about empathy and realism
( 128 ) 3rd paragraph
( 124 ) 2nd paragraph
( 122 ) 2nd paragraph

Groups 1 and 4 had a tie in votes: professor decided to give both extra credits in midterm exam. Congratulations for those who won

The best thesis on the analyses by groups is groups 4 : the idea is about prospective realism.

Reminders and questions to be answered by all students: a raised question for the whole class

Are they threat ?
Is andriods a threat to human in earth should they be killed or not ?
What do they fear andriods ?

Reminders: watch the third presidential debate and find out the the 2 different ideas they come with. A discussion board will be created in open lab you can comment your ideas after watching the debate. Thursday it should be created.

Make sure you do your reading and post your blogs before 12:00Am.

Good luck to all of you

Do andriods really Dream of electric sheep or any animal ?

It is strange to see some one with a memory outside his knowledge. The only case I ever saw is when someone looses his memory because of a big problem that happened to him. Like a hit on the head or something on his brain not functioning. However, it is not the case in do androids dream of electric sheep ? The machinery humans who are suppose to be given to each human in Mars are back in earth some how with out their knowledge. Polokov one of the nexus six rick is haunting ends up being ricks partner who sent by the soviets representation on Mars. Actually not from Mars but since he is an andriod then it came from Mars (88, 89).

After reading a little on chapter six and chapter seven I discoverd that the Voigt-Kampff works correctly except that who made the test is a company owned and operated by one family which leaves a problem their as ricks discoverd recently that one of the family members is actually an andriod. A hint: the company could of actually making androids on earth and by large amounts it doesn’t say that in to text but if that happen to be true later on Next chapters it could mean that there is a lot of nexus’s and not just six of them. Ricks find out that his new partner is the first bounty and he nailed him ( 91,92,93 ), that left our question hanging by the way because we still don’t know weather the company talk is true.

Ricks victory yet to be cel berated ” tell Harry Braynt that I got polokov ” ricks said which means he made the $1000 bounty prize. The next target is in the opera house which made a very interesting point that distinguish humans from androids. Music are the empathy of humans they react to it. Not androids that is also explained after gotten the next target when she asked Rick to buy her a gift. Luft at that point realized that Rick is human which is again ironic because Rick is not at a position to be judged weather he’s an android or not. But that showed her that she was actually an andriod because she would of never done it. Androids have an artificial feelings unlike humans it can be triggered ( 99, … , 110 ).

At the moment when ricks got arrested I though for a minute that he had been played by android to kill all bounty hunters. When crams find out about the list Rick have in his brief case he took a look and then told Rick they are all bounty hunters. I understand he was trying to play ricks to believe him but at moment I as the reader was already played into believing it. While Rick didn’t believe it. He just kinda though about it for a few moments ( 112. 113. 114). Officer cram is indeed an andriod except that he knows he’s an andriod and knows exactally when did he come from Mars and for what mission. Once he realized he’s done he tried to trick Rick into believing androids are the whole police organization which is true for some part where it is true that Nexus andriods are impersonating officers and positions in high and strong parts of the worlds government such as the soviet reforestation on earth and the police department of the United States.

At some point I think I made a mistake about which officer turned out to be an android but I think it’s cram which I then read on page ( 120 ) gland and he was on the list by the way. However I believe most of of what happened next is very interesting specially the part where Rick understands the real difference between humans and andriods ( relation to animals).

A droid is made by humans and haunted by humans

Phillips novel “Do Androids Dream Of Electrical Sheep” is an amazing piece of work. It’s amusement comes from the fact that most of the content in this novel are un-realistic. When I read chapter one I realized that it’s talking about future. A fictional future that might exist one day. Especially the fact that people live in Mars those days. When I got to chapter 2 I already know that humans are haunting devices developed so well that it can almost think and predict actions on its own. Which is ironic because humans ended haunting Droids that they created to serve them. Not only that it’s about humans and Droids. It’s also about the inner part of the human soul has been tampered with. A quote from Iran’s character ” I was in a 382 mood” clearly indicates that the brain of a human is being controlled. How exactly can some one decide what they feel and how their emotion toward something is being controlled. Although in chapter one it Tells us that there is devices that are placed to do such a thing except that the novel have not yet told us what goes wrong if all humans brain are controlled by a machine ? Maybe the outcome of the war and the destruction of earth is the answer but not yet told exactly. In chapter 2 and 3 no details were told about the world instead it went deep to a human made sheep that is considered a humanity symbol. And later a murder happened, who did it is actually a droid. An advanced model of droids that are capable of becoming humans. Looking like a human deeply. In conclusion, I believe there is more to know about and till here I think we are going to Mars soon in coming chapters.

Prvent hell from coming !!!

Technology advancements is an evil risk that can wipe humanity out of the face of earth. We have been well organized and created the laws and followed orders to stabilize the nations and to serve all humans existence on earth. All of that can go away with a smile mistake humans are making. According to (August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains) humans created an evil machines that will function with out us one day. It is since Fiction but it can trigger a truth behind it.

August 2026 is not just about a machine that function with no body around. It’s not just a house that is controlled by man made machine but it’s about what can that machine do with out a human super vision. It functions with out the need of any human around it. And since its a machine it distinguish nothing about what’s a life and what’s not. The way how it treats live things makes it and evil practice. However, this short story can predict the future we are facing if things go wrong.

After all, I think this book is there to makes us think about what we can do to prevent any mistakes humans are making in out advancements.

Emotions, love and sadness !!!

Johns visit to the hospital showed so much truth. Johns finally is known as the character of free will. When Johns mother died he showed sadness and it trigged higher instincts inside of him. It made him act revolutionary. Johns said on chapter 16 soma kills which was true since his mother is dead. This visit lead to exile at the end because of the acts committed in the hospital. Mustafa on the other hand also shows something strange that I consider emotionally non existing. Mustard said since he’s one of the law makers he gets to breaks them. In fact, the situation is quoting Shakespeare work which leaves it stupid. Why would anyone ban that kind of literature. This simply shows how sarcastic was the world they live in. John was experiencing angery emotions that made his response become more harsh toward all things. At the end on exile john was a little happy since he planted gardens and didn’t think about most stuff that happened. When the reporter came to him and says ” hi, I’m the reporter ” showed that it’s unprofessional but it also hinted that mainly this maybe a fake world. At the end I think it’s sad that he dies even if they just hinted it’s not real it wouldn’t make a difference. The truth is that this whole story ends with John being dead. Ironic to begin with and a no happy ending means leaving readers heart broken.

John and Bernard’s characters conflict !!!

When I started to read the “brave new world” I thought Bernard was nothing compared to john at least on a characterized prospective. As soonest I read chapter 10-13 I figured out Bernard is about to be different and yet it happened Bernard is taking johns hot spots. Like popularity and people starting to know him better. Although John was smart and dramatic he was caring where Bernard is not. I knew that when I read about him worried that soma would kill the women in 2 months based on the dosage she’s taking. Yes, somehow the doctors convinced john it’s actually lengthen her life. I kinda thought this was ironic because John has a feeling that it’s bad but then he believed it’s good. Anyway, in chapter 10-30 Bernard character changed, he’s now popular and is capable of going out with girls. Not to be sarcastic or anything but it’s like him being a jerk now. Maybe it’s the fact that he was considering himself ” nothing ” and once he got able to do something he couldn’t do for a while it made him super fool. Although when Bernard character is now more like romantic most of the time but it still raised a question that I might not understood from the reading.

From chapter 10-13 Bernard was mostly getting girls and dating here and there but it never mentioned that John is actually was doing the same not at any point ? This is not comparison but I just thought why does Bernard have to look like that person who is from one point of view “bad” even if he had a treatment or help to be normal again. Specially when he hears people telling him your a loser. On chapter 12 when he failed to call John out from the room he simply felt like angry and also when he hears people calling him a loser to deal with the situation he took some soma. Bad choice, Bernard revenge is huge step toward evil. John at other hand always refers to novels and plays when taking new actions like that time when he was sad about soma usage.
After all, I think those two characters can not be compared nor matched because it simply different.