City Tech, Fall 2016

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Once more unto the breach

I always found Science Fiction as something wonderful. It shows so many things in so many different ways. It allows for a leap into the unknown or uncertain future or the past. Often it makes good guess as to what may happen and tries to teach a lesson by going to an extreme in some cases. Other times it is just good writing that makes a world that is believable and grounded in a large part. By reading and watching older works that I of the most part have not before I came to appreciate what we have now and what came before. That is not to say that older works were worse than what we have now, it was just different. The age, culture and temporal factors made them what they are vs our own. This made some of them less powerful because of what is normal now and the progress made. However this also brings in something to wonder and think about. It creates a window to those who wrote, what their fears where, what has happening around, the time, events of importance and the writers themselves. So all the works he have gone over have widened my view on Science Fiction from what it was before. It has also made me look more at the works themselves to find small things hidden with and while it was difficult to do in some of the works overall it had led to interesting ideas. Science Fiction is a deliberate act, it is not written lightly. The person writing it has a set view on an idea or set of ideas that they wish to show to others. Everyone is different, some people can be easily exposed to new ideas while others need to be pulled into a world where the ideas are at the center stage for them to get it. Also a radical world setting will put the reader into a state of questing not only the fake world before them but the real world behind as well. The ultimate goal of Science Fiction to shed light on something that is possible to happen and show the positives and negatives of it on the world. To bring forth questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no, to think about both sides of the argument. What is right, what is wrong, what is lost for what gain, is this possible or out of this world and many more questions that depend on each individuals values, morals, and views on many different things.

Overall all that I have come to believe is more or less the same form a time that I no longer recall when it was. However many of them where worded or created to be applicable over long periods of time. There has been no reason to change them, nothing has heavily changed before these reading and they lacked anything overly impactful to cause it. One of them being about human look androids, I still find them every interesting but at same time annoying in a sense. But this was set back in high school when I started battlestar galactica and the human looking androids killed off 12 full worlds and hunted down the few humans left. However as the story went on, they became an interesting factor and more alive. Their being was much different then what humans where, they could die and come back. Now that is something that many people wish for and the whole story was filled with culture that exists now and myths and stories. All of which is throughout the story and leads to an ending that ties everything together in the best possible way, this is the newer one not older one. Even if I was against human like androids I have no power over what is made or when. Also trying to destroy them or making them suffer would lead to a bad outcome. Or a bad outcome can happen even without negative action against them. Also people tend to think that humans are smarter than they are. And yet we still are without space travel, underwater cities, flying cars, advanced virtual reality and so many other things that many wrote or filmed as being done by now. Even steampunk has more advance things then we have in some cases. Science Fiction in many cases is much better then what we have now, look at star trek. They have problems that affect whole star systems and wars in deep space but earth is a utopia and overall humans are perfect, thy seek out new things, work together, and are free to do many things, they have a whole galaxy to work with. As all ways everything I learn I try and use to make myself better or to creat new ideas about the world that no one will want to hear about or will bother to understand because everyone lives within their own little world and everything outside it is just noise. Also in many cases it is just too idealistic or different to work and would not be possible. People are people and because of that there will all be problems, conflicts and overall no way to make them all happy because that is something else for everyone. Also why should they be happy when it is so much easier to be angry at the world for what it did to them? To harm others verse caring or think about what you are doing to them. Most people do not care what they do to others and even if they do they never really know the impact it makes. Everyone is in their own world, everything has a different weight in each. That is the main problem people create their own monsters and then blame them when they get hurt by them. Humanity is just to word people use to describe something they can never be, because it describes something other then what most humans are or ever will be. It fails to unite anyone, humans still kill humans for whatever reason works for them and even if you remove all of them such as region, outward looks, nations and every other factor, people would still kill other people, steal for them, hurt them and do evil. But some would still carry out good deed. That is the saving grace of humanity the fact that not people create monsters, not all are monsters and some help monsters and most just try to live their lives in a world that is not fair. Also I have no idea what we are doing next because no great detail has been give out about it. Overall I would like to improve my writing, see more Science Fiction and do new things.

Blade Runner, because the real one was too long

So what to do when you want to make a movie based on a book that makes you think about and question things, with layers of complex. The answer is simple, remove everything that made it so and replace with every odd scenes that add up to 2 hours run time. Most of the story has been destroyed from “do androids dream of electric sheep” with only the base idea slightly remaining. The world is not a wasteland, there are people around the city, humans have many colonies, androids are made but they can not be on earth. Deckard however is a “blade runner” which is never explained why he is called that, still did the same thing as in the book hunting replicates because androids is too hard of a word for people to understand it seems. Replicates implies more that they are copies of someone who lives or lived, you can argue that they replicated human life but still was not needed to change the name. Also he used to hunt them in the past but seemed to have stopped at one point in time because he had to be dragged back into hunting them. There seems to be no incentive in for him other then he would be the little people which means he would be open to threats it would seem, even from people he used to work with. This world is very much alive, people crowd the streets, cars are everywhere, bikes, shops, food and everything else in a living city. The existence of a few androids seems to be lost when the world is so populated verse when so little remains. Also there are no lasers because bullets here can blow up walls, yet they also take 4 shots to kill one android. This is a movie, everything was made to be more visual and have less story. It has more action, less though, and less care about the meaning. The ending is the same and yet it is not, along with the path to it. Yes the androids are all killed, rick lives, Rachael lives but how and what happens are different. Here Rachael is almost nothing, she does not manipulate Deckard, she does not lie to him, she helps him by killing one android, and then she wants to stay with him after running away from the company that made her after finding out that she is not real. The battle at the apartment is painful to watch with odd choices on how it progress and the end that leads to nothing. Ultimately the last android dies without ricks help and saves him before passes but only after hurting them, chasing him and almost leading to Deckard dying. It is not told why he did after killing so many on his way to earth and on it.
The visuals speak more than anything else in the film. It is almost always raining, dark and worn out. The streets are awash with people moving and making noise. The lighting is low in many places and the rain just adds to this darker world. Everything is off, stuck in the past but trying to be of the future. At least for us, so much of what is shown is already here in better forms. The current time takes away from the film with very little being shocking other then what people thought would happen with style. Overall the film was more of a loose artistic rendition of the book.
The plot line that was made was more of the created trying to find their creator and asking for more life, which they are given every little of. It feels more like the wizard of Oz then anything. One android lack brains and so had them blown out, the other was a coward who ran and was killed for not fighting, and the last one had no heart but wanted one and died. And Deckard just wanted to go home, like I did after running around all trying to find where to watch this. The film just feels empty, it does not hit like the book, it no longer has a soul, a piece of humanity within it. It just goes overboard with visuals that smack you in the face.

No Peace for the Damned

No matter how human a machine may seem it will never be a human being. They lack something within their great intellect that keeps them from understanding and becoming human. They do not care for their own kind and would give up other androids to better their own lives. They feel nothing, it is all made up and based on circuity. They toy with living beings and are doomed to die before anything alive ever does. They are not the same as humans and they will cause harm just by being near humans.

Rachael Rosen has toyed with Rick from the time they first met, passing herself as a human, making rick think that his test is wrong, telling him that he needs help to taken down the type 6. She then plays him with the night they spent together which leads to rick being even more uncertain that what he does is right. She lies about helping him, and then goes out of her way to hurt him (198,199,202). The problem is why she did it. Was it because she felt betrayed about Rick not loving her before his wife and new goat?(202). Or is this a lack of empathy for animals and humans that all androids lack? Maybe she was just mad at rick for not failing to break down like all others but one had before him. Perhaps she just wanted to get back at him for whatever reason, such as their talk in the hover car. Also it has very little to lose, she will live only for 2 more years. (197). It is owned by the Rosen Corporation so she is outside of his reach with the law and he would be hunted if he kills her (200). Rick on the other hand will mourn the loss of an animal, something she cannot. Androids are a mistake, they know too much about humans but cannot be them so instead they torment them and their humanity. They use human feels to get ahead when dealing with humans in any way they see fit.
Androids, however can make mistakes, around those who they believe lesser themselves they show their true self. They do not feel the need to follow the rules set by humans because they are not humans. They do not believe in the theology of humans and fail to understand why people would even after shown that it is a fake. (209,210,211,212). They do not care about living things and carry out experiments on living things. (209,210). Their minds, their processors are not capable of understanding life. They are flawed in that regard, they live for 4 years and so have no appreciation for it. Also they think they are better than humans and in the end that is what killed them. Their belief that they, things that live for only 4 years are better then something that lives for 80 year, can grow, learn and has been around for thousands of years. Humanity is strong, they have managed to live past the loss of their home world and even the wasteland of it. What hope can walking computers that break down in a few years have verse something like that.

Humans make mistakes too, many of them. However they often have time to fix them or just to move on. They destroyed their own world and fled to the mars, a world that does not want them. They made machines that are more flawed then themselves and that kill them. They believe life is sacred but do not care about the life the created. They hunt their own creations to the ends of the earth. Rick almost breaks downs several times over all this questions and more. Maybe he did break down in the end. Saw things that were not there or maybe he reached a point where everything is clear to him. Maybe now he is better then what he was before. (220-222,230-232,235)

In the end, there is nothing certain.

Alive or not

How alive does something have to be before you have to say that it is? How much does it have to be before you have no other choice but to admit that is human? If you say that all living things even insects and worms are important and have the right to live, then why not something that is almost as human as you are. Biological vs mechanical, if you reach a point where it is near impossible to see the difference then is there really a need to separate the two? Should androids be owned, or should they be free to choose their own path in life? Particularly if they seek freedom and kill to get it.

The line between what is or is not human is very small when dealing with androids who were made to completely mimic humans and are capable of questioning their own existence. Add in the possible that they may have false memory which will them believe that they are human and you now have humans who are heartless and androids who have one (140,141,132-134). Other than their crimes of murder to get away from their masters on Mars the androids do not seem to be a threat and just seem to want to live in peace until threatened. However they must pay for their crimes even if they had reasons for doing so such as abuses or missuses by their owners.

However it is also true that they are slaves to their masters, they are property despite the fact that they are sentient being (161,148-150). By all rules on how life and sentient life is determined they pass due to being able to understand their existence, react to outside stimuli and adapt to changes. So humans made fakes so good that the fakes wanted to free, could think, could develop, and wanted to be someone. Humans made something that they could not control, which is rather odd considering that they could have been programed not to be able to kill humans. Also why not have a safety instilled to stop them before they go into anger or rage or desire to kill. If it is possible to make a machine feel that, then it should be possible to stop it as well. Then there is the question of why? Why added in the negatives of humanity into a machine? Why made a replica of humans and all that makes them great as well as bad? It is possible it was to repopulate humanity in way and yet it seems an odd way of doing it. Why were not all people relocated to mars in order to make it produce more as the last safe haven for what remains of the human race? Why allow people to remain in the waste of the old world, when they do not even try to clean the earth? The only reason possible was the need for resources of earth. Many forget that space is vast and for the most part empty. Mars is a wasteland of sand and rock, at one point it could have had life. However it has a weak core that led to a weak gravimetric field and lost its atmosphere due to solar wind. Meaning that many process that are present on earth are not present on Mars. So Earth must still support its children that have ruined it. To help themselves the people created companions that would help them move on from reality, where they helped to end their world.

Androids are highly intelligent and think in a certain way due to their heightened minds. How very that seem to have two sides to it, they appear to suffer from believing that they are better because of faster and better brain (163-164,166-167). All the while they cannot really understand some ideas, actions, reasons and other things that even children are cable of understanding. There seem to be a gap in common ground between creator and creation. Androids also wrestle with the idea of how fake they are and look at the world in a darker shade based on themselves (189-191,193-195). Also they seem to dislike seeing other similar models of themselves as in the case of Rachael and Pris. It proves that they are not special little snowflakes who are made just once. Nothing like another you to see how unoriginal you are, how you are just a copy or maybe she is the copy. Maybe you are both copies, who came before and who came after. Is there a lineage of androids that one can inherit from?

Also as said before a laser is a really bad weapon to use due to the fact that it can be stopped or broken in many different ways. This is why Rick was able to live when the android Polokov tried to kill him with a laser as he did with Dave. Laser are constrained light in a narrow focus and currently they are used in industry for engraving, cutting weak material and other small tasks. They are not effective at long range and would require time to cut through dense objects particularly if they move from where the laser is cutting because it has to burn through all the layers of It. For a laser to be able to be used as weapon it would have to have a large power supply that could near instantly pool all of it for firing, which means that the second shot may make a long time to charge up unless there is more power left after the first shot. This would means that energy storage has gotten better or that the laser is better at converting raw power to a lethal beam. However the laser itself can be broken by failure of one of the parts within like the lens or optics used to focus the beam, if any part of that breaks, gets misaligned or is covered by something it will not fire, fire wrong or explode. Which is the other flaw of it, it requires power and that power cell can blow up if overheated, damaged or tempered with. Also seen is the fact that it can be created into regular light based on a sine wave because light is based on wave lengths and a laser is just focused light (92), regular guns are much more reliable.

A world like ours

The world of blade runner is one of possible outcome in relation to our own time. There was not much in the way of implausible technology or the way human behavior would following the events described. The world once again managed to get into a world war that now left only losers on all sides and the world was poisoned. Most people have moved to space to escape the dust that slowly affects those that remain to the point that are not seen as human if they get changed by it. The other major change was the advent of androids for all the people who left earth to live in space, it was an incentive to get more people into space. It is not clear how many people are left, however it would appear that whatever the population of humans in space is so too is the number of androids. This androids also appear to have become very human, to the point that the only way to tell if they are not is to test for involuntary reactions that only normal humans can give.

At the same time because this is all possible and the story creates people who are believable it does not feel different from the real world. Other than the space colonies and the advance androids it all feels bland, ground to earth. I feel like reading on more vs writing this blog about just the first 5 chapters of this story. Almost nothing happened, even the twist with Rachael Rosen who seem completely human up until the point Rick Deckard exposed her for being an android. It did not feel ground breaking, at least not to me. I feel as if this is another example of ideas that shocked people before no longer bother people, at least in my case. This feels like another story that I have read over time, well written but failing to capture me other than with some ideas that by this point I saw somewhere else as well. I was not bother by the idea of androids being identical to humans, or the fact that humans killed earth, or that they now live in space. It is possible that latter on it will get better but for now this start is the same as another story. I may be dismissing this too quickly as just another story but nothing else comes to mind when thinking of what to write. I could summarize the whole thing but even then it would be a few lines with nothing major taken place.

The only thing that really stood out was the fact that people wanted to have animals and legally had to give one if they had two to a person that had none (11-14). This is odd considering how much they cost which often ends up in the upper thousands range and can only be got in a few places and mainly from a catalog. Now this could have been implanted to remind people what was lost, or help keep animals alive with the few left alive. Or it could serve both purposes at the same time. There is a focus on empathy in what remains of humanity and it is also the base test in how to find androids among humans. There is also the distinct lack of people present on earth and book does a good job of emphasizing that is quite, dead, and crumbling with humanity’s mistake (5, 15, 20, and 21).

1998 vs 1932 Brave New World

There are vast differences in the 1998 film Brave New World that led me to enjoy it more than the book. The removal of characters, along with the infusion of others led to a different feel and smoother storyline. The plot was also changed to be more about Bernard Marx and lenina, with both changing more dramatically after meeting John vs the book. There is also the presences of a sup plot with Deltas and conditioning that was seen in the book. The Director was more of the main villain this time around and the controller seemed less so. The film brought more life into the story, it was able to make it more believable, and was closer to modern times.

Changes to the book are made instantly at the start of the film with the class tour of the Hatchery being led by lenina vs the Director. The setting is also different from what is described in the book, we do not see the assembly line of surrogates and the process of making new people into all the castes from before birth. Lenina completely replaces the Director with the speech she gives on the past world, how people suffered, how they loved, and the dangers of it. Lenina also stays with her class even when they go to bed and are under hypnopedia. Lenina is kept in view much more than the book and she is with Bernard Marx vs Henry. Henry is another omission that changes the story from one in which Bernard is unhappy and ridiculed to the film version where he is a mix of Bernard, Henry, and Watson. Bernard works in conditioning under the Director and is at odds with him but no to the point shown in the book. Due to the removal of many characters that played supporting roles and as points of comparison the remaining characters had to be altered or the story would fall through.

The deduction of flaws with in Bernard Marx leads to him seeming as part of the community and leads to us not seeing anything wrong with the society because he no longer had different views on it. His flaws made him unique and let him be an individual. However in the film he is socially active, follows the society, and has no issues with it. He has everything he wants, lenina, a job, and friends and has fun. The only thing that is different is that he wants to improve things, to make people happier. He has nothing against the current system, he is a part of it, he wants to make it even better and he is nothing like the book. This is where the film losses base with the book, this one change to Bernard Marx being a part of the machine vs being an outcast. This fundamentally changes the plot, until John is brought in nothing we see is wrong, it is the opposite. The visuals of the good society is everything we see today, it is clean, white, city life, clubs, night life, work and normal. Even the fact that people are supposed to be other people or many people at the same time is down played. Lenina gets scolded by her friend once and she just blows it of saying that it’s only been 6 months. The new suave Bernard Marx says “let them talk, they have nothing to say”, while in a club, which he does not mind taking lenina to. Also he gets another girl in the club and sleeps with her, which the old Bernard could never do. The film never gives of the feeling that there is anything wrong with the world, for there is no who complains about it.

The film also down plays the savages, they all wear clothing and simply act like any teenager or young adult ruffians on the streets. The film seems to focus more on city life then any higher meaning that the book tried to create. The good place is the city and the bad place is streets where all those who do not work or have lives hang around. This film could have been shot completely in New York City, with everything in Manhattan building and parks being the advance society and the savage place being the streets like Harlem or more north of the city. This film focuses on the problem of its time, with people wanting fun, excitement, fads, and entertainment. The big trouble at the time was young people acting out and being different and rebelling and pop culture taking control. The other major concern was brain washing, or people being influenced by all the ads, games, films and the internet. That is why there is the whole sub arc of turning people into mindless killers. The fear that the masses can be swayed into taking actions they do not believe, peer pressure and the media going too far.

Then there is johns death, which is tied to the hounding of the paparazzi, the mass wave of people showing up taking pictures, video, asking questions and pushing him to the edge. The last part was taken literally with John falling off a cliff when blinded and startled by a helicopter. Of the two deaths that John suffered I think this one is slightly better, here he did not choose to die. He was full of passion, rage, sadness, but had hope and before any of it could be settled he fell. This felt better, it more of a direct result of society that he died vs him losing him mind. However this does remove his internal conflict with himself that the last part of the book focused on. The film stripes the meaning out of the book in large part with this as well. The good part is that this is not the end

The sub plot that was mentioned before is much more integrated that we are first led to believe. For the most part it only shows up 5 times with the fact that Deltas are not working, that they are starting to question things. They show how they condition people to try and fix it and later how the Director uses it to try and kill Bernard Marx to hid the truth of his son. The fact that the Director is the father of John and kills his mother and by extension John from sadness. Later this becomes a problem for Bernard Marx when lenina get pregnant and they end up in a simile situation as the Director. But that is not true, seeing as they fix it and make it work in the end.

Perhaps this is why I like the film better, it has a more complete ending and ends on hope. On the other hand it completely changed the story to something else and lost its original meaning. Now this also shows how good the writing and imagination of Aldous Huxley was decades prior to allow this film to be able to twist it. However the controller loses a lot of spirit in the film, he becomes a friend and that creates a tone that does not match the book. In the book he was figure of power and cunning, able to play with fire but keep it to himself. Here he just shows up and makes everything fine for Bernard Marx and John. That is the other flaw here, John. John has an impact on lenina but here it is positive and she becomes a better person, wanting to break free for this world after his loss. However other than that change John did nothing, he did not open anyone else eyes and even the Controller said he was no threat. There banter this time was also lackluster. Over all this film was good and well-made but it lacked a shine that the book had about the world it created, even if it was flawed in many ways. There is a lack of gravity in the film, everything seems like it is under the influence of soma and that the book is simply a fragmented dream that we see tiny pieces of.

Olympus is burning

In the future smart houses that can run themselves without much input from those within are a possibility. These houses will do many of the jobs that would have require people to complete but now the people have more time between work and sleep due to the takeover of the house. On the other hand the house becomes a master of those within, telling them what day it is, what to eat and when, when to leave, what to do when, the people have given up their freedom. The house serves the people yet even without them it carries on it duties for those who no longer are there to benefit from them. Automation to the point of disconnection with what is happened outside and the failure to see the futility of its own actions. What is the meaning of existing when there is nothing to acknowledge you, to simply be without a clear need to be?

Humans are different from all other species on Earth due to the fact that they have a larger mental capacity, opposable thumbs and the ability to make tools. Over the years better tools were developed in order to do things faster, better and costless. These tools have reached the point where all a human has to do is press “Start”, and the machine just takes over what used to require a human presence. Machines began to replace human workers on assembly lines, mines, ships, customer service and many other human occupancies. The house has taken over all of the daily work required to keep a household running. This includes cleaning, cooking, weather forecast, event reminder, taking care of the children, recreation and much more. The people within lived their lives based on the schedule created by the house, based on the actions that the house has undertaken. They are called for food only when the house prepares it. They are given fun only when the house deploys the means by which to have it and let them go only when it was time to. The whole existence of the house is to contribute to the daily lives of the people within by taking over the jobs they no longer wish to do. “The house was an altar with ten thousand attendants, big, small, servicing, attending, in choirs. But the gods had gone away, and the ritual of the religion continued senselessly, uselessly.”(2). Human built the house to serve them, and as a loyal creation it follows their wishes even after their demise.

The poem by Sara Teasdale “There will come soft rains” has weight in light of the fact that it would appear that humanity was wiped out in a nuclear war. And with all the humanity gone, there is nothing left to acknowledge what came before, what is happening now, what will happen later. Just like the lines “And not one will know of the war, not one will care at last when it is done. Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree If mankind perished utterly; And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn, Would scarcely know that we were gone.” (3). Even the house doesn’t recognize that the people it is meant to serve are not there. There were before but now they are outlines on one of the outside walls, with no eyes to see what become of them. All that remains is the house they made, the last piece of humanity, warm, alive, and creative enclosed in lifeless space.

A home without people is dead, it serves on one and takes up space. But this one is different, it has brain. It can talk, clean, and entertain. Built by gods that saw the world as theirs and that they would always be here. Alas they were slain by their own hands. Those that toiled under a different flag, which also swayed when the bombs fell. The great cities of man, once great and tall. Where found buried, people and all. Yet they found a new shine, giving off a radioactive glow. (1). Yet none can see what is now, for they all were gone before. One last home stands alone, a house of wonder that keep the builders warm. It severed all their needs and more, yet it too would be no more. It was a remnant of those before and so would share their fate. The wind and the tree made a pact to remove the last. Fire took hold and destroyed the mice. It silenced the last voice of a people long gone. The house was alive, it wished to live. It fought back vs nature, the same as the builders did long ago. The house fell to a force older then the ones who made it, older than time. Yet in the end the house won, one voice remained, telling the date.

All that humanity has this is one world, and of that we can live on less than a forth. It is true that land is limited and so are the resourced needed to thrive. That is the reason that nations go to war, however it is also because people are flawed. People forget that they fight other people and in a world filled with technology that automates everything including killing it becomes an afterthought. With one button the world can be destroyed and no one will be left to benefit from the land. Time is meaningless if there is nothing to keep track of it and space is nothing, if no one needs it. In life there is meaning, it creates its own. In death there is nothing.

The Good, The Bad, and The Bernard

To understand what is good for civilization one must know what is bad for it. To seek out what is good or bad, one must be able to do so without the fear of reprisal. One must also understand what one finds not just that it is good or bad. Knowledge leads to improvement but it also leads to chaos, for it changes what is known.

To understand what is light you must know what darkness is and to understand what darkness is you must know what is light. You require a point of reference or a comparison to be able to create a relationship between two or more things. To know what will cause harm requires the knowledge of what that harm is and how it is achieved. To treat a bullet wound one must understand the idea behind the bullet and how it is used. Once you understand the purpose of the bullet and what it is meant to achieve you can then start to come up with ways of preventing it and treating it. In the case of the bullet its purpose is to inflict bodily harm that will either lead to immediate or slow death. This is done by destroying human tissue, bones and organs along its root in the body. Therefore it is necessary to remove the bullet fragments, stop the bleeding and administer antibiotics and then closed the wound to prevent further damage. Therefore, one must know how harm is inflicted to be able to mend it. It is by this example that Mustapha Mond collected, read and understood many old world texts (207-208,). John didn’t understand the value of Shakespeare and his experiences in life until he came into conflict with the new World. He was not amazed by it, he didn’t believe that it better than his own (146,148-149) and later was horrified by it (176-179, 183-184, 191-193, 216). He said he was poisoned by civilization (216), showing that he saw it as a negative VS the wonder that all other view it as. John wanted to be free to do as he pleased with his life, to suffer, to feel joy, to have something precious, conflict and a higher meaning tying it all together(214-215). Mustapha Mond was able to understand and add to John’s ideas with his own (208-215). That is what separates John and Mond from the rest of the people, their understanding of things beyond what society sees as ideal, standard, savage and to be forgotten. They are capable of higher though and have meaningful conversations in many topics VS the babble of all the clones, of all the mindless conversations about what people plan to do after work or on their breaks and other things that are mundane. And all this was made possible by both of them reading material that the society believed was better to be destroyed or forgotten. It is knowledge that was able to bring savage and the controller to the same field of thought.

The meeting of the minds of John and the Controller was able to take place due to the fact that both of them were immune to outside forces while seeking knowledge. John was free to read whatever he wanted for no one would stop him on the savage reserve. And he also was an outcast which led him to solitary, giving him plenty of time to read and learn (121-122). The Controller being one of the most power figures in the society was able to seek out knowledge from the old world with nearly no risk of questioning of his actions by others. Also, unlike Bernard, Helmholtz and John, the Controller didn’t seek to distribute or discuss what he learned and how they changed his believes if they ever did with the rest of the world. He, in fact, did his best to hide of the old world artifacts that he uncovered (207-208), and only gave small hints at what the old world was in order to further the new teachings (40-62). All the knowledge he had was used subversively to remove the old ways and anything linked to them. This would not be possible if he didn’t understand the core concept of the past and be able to seek them out.

The Controller had great grasp of a world that no longer exists. He knew all the works cited by John and was able to recall relative material that coincided with that work (197-199) (207-211). This allowed him to create counter points to John’s statements on behalf of current views, while agreeing with his own (199-203). The Controller has more academic perspective on old world literature, while John’s is more focused on his internal resonance with the work. However, this is enough to be able to transmit ideas back and forth between them with both understanding the other’s argument. They both agree that the older works of literature and plays were great, that they had a spark of life in them (197-199). However, that spark of life is an old one. One that the current world is lacking. The new world lacks what the old had, and that is the ability to be free and alive (197-199). The current world only understands what it wishes to in order to remain happy and in control. The old world had conflict, but that conflict created uniqueness. Much like John’s case, he is an outcast in the world of the savages which led to many altercations with them. But these events shaped his psyche and view of the world (120-128). No one else would have the exact same one as him or even come close to understanding it. The same way you cannot understand fire by just looking at it. To understand it you need to feel the heat that it produces, see how the wind plays with it, and how it destroys anything it touches. On the other hand fire gives light. It removes dangers. It can be used as a weapon and it can be seen. But one cannot see the mind of another person, you can understand the ideas that they are telling you but not fully grasp where they come from. Two people can share the same idea but have two completely different reasons why and how they came to it. It is also important to understand why good is done and why bed is done as well as how. From whose eyes do you judge? From the majority, the dumb masses or the few wise man who see the world completely different. How do you look at the world? And where do you want to lead it? In the case with the Controller, his duty is not to lead the world but to maintain what has already been done (207-215).

Few people within any organization have the clairvoyance to see the organization in a different light, it is often the view from outside that gives the best insight on what the organization truly is. However, something seen as evil by outsiders and agreed upon to be evil by those within will not change for it is not meant to be good in the sense that it is perceived as. There is a meaning as to why it is evil. For the meaning of it is hidden while remaining good. It takes understanding to formulate a valid reason why something that is evil can be good. It is knowledge, for knowledge can lead to greatness or downfall.


People use events and others around themselves to help themselves along their own path. However, it is possible to take it too far and become dependent on this events and people. Also, fame does not give way to power, particularly, if the people you try to influence have power or are conditioned otherwise. It has also been proven that power or thinking you have power corrupts people and brings out their core flaws.

When John first comes to the New World he is quickly used by Bernard to remove his father from his post and secures Bernard’s own (138-142). Bernard then goes on to use the Worlds curiosity of John to grow in fame and receive that which he could not before (144-145), however he was still hated (145). Much like the early explorers who uncovered new worlds and brought back riches and people to show their leaders and people. Or much like fads that have everyone in a buzz over them for a time and then it all dies out. Bernard was riding this wave of interest and funneling it thought himself to be carried further along. Bernard let this wave of fame and fortune wash over him while holding on to John to keep the waves going. He let go of pass problem, friends, work and everything that was his own before meeting John. He also let go of his sanity and his inhibitor of social acts (145) all due to his status as accredited guardian of John, the savage. But everyone around him knew this fact. And that one day it would lead to his downfall (145). Even Mustapha Mond, who gave him this authority over the savage saw that Bernard was acting far superior then he ought to be (147). Bernard start to openly use John as a method of visiting, attracting and negotiating with people whom normally he would have no contact with (148-150). However, this sensation of power and control, which led to Bernard’s happiest times without soma encouraged him to go further with his ambitions. John became a tool, a tool to move himself alongside those, who beforehand would not bother themselves with him. He wished to be acknowledged by his peers and to gratify himself in his discovery. He became the very thing that he hated about his society. He became whole for once in his life, able to get any woman he desired, to be treated with respect, and to feel important (145). He decided to reach a new pinnacle, to invite the Arch-Community-Songster, a leader, someone whom would never meet with him prior to this (158). And this is where the glass floor that he was dancing on all this time, gave way. And all the little pieces, pieces of glass cur through his happiness all because the one thing that he used to make it in a first place, would not leave his room (159-161). Because John would not leave his room All this happened at what should have been his highest victory, and so hell from the heavens wings burned by the sun down into the sea where he drown. It is here that all his fake friends turned on him, laughed at him, made fun of him and dragged him down deeper into sorrow. Once more he faced despair and once more he took the easy way out and solved nothing (161).

Bernard was very flawed in character even without his incorrect physique. He was petty, envious, insecure and obtrusive. But the discovery of John led him to a false believe in himself and how others perceive him. He took their outward kindness, attention and patients as their true intentions (144,145). He wanted to believe this because it was his deepest desire to be different, to be heard, and to be at the same time accepted by the others (144). But this things do not coincide with one another, to be different in a world of order, yet be accepted for being out of it. To be heard yet not understood. To have fame in a world where it matters not. He took temporary interest of the people in the savage as a sign of his own achievement as though he himself created the savage. He felt untouchable for he had removed the director who threatened to remove him (142). He reported directly to the controller, he spoke directly to God. He chose to allow himself to be taken in by the same system that for years saw him as an outcast. Yet, he was not accepted. Simply he was tolerated, he was not granted power and any that he felt as though he had, was directly from John. He was still as powerless, perhaps, even more hated than before, and became a worse person then he was before. He still talked to people who were part of the system, a part of a machine that has been in power for years. He knew from his own work that they were conditioned to think one way and one way alone. Yet his new courage led him to speak with more and more people who would turn on him. His true friends, he left them where he castoff his old self(145). He saved himself once thanks to John but now he was digging a deeper hole for himself with the same person. Even Mustapha Mond refused to publish his work due to the effect it might have on the minds of the people (162).

Power is the ability to do something that others cannot or will not do. Depending on the amount of power, it is possible to avoid or mitigate the consequences of takin actions. But there is also fame, fame is an indirect power which is relative to the amount of people who see you in a good light. Power does not always rely on people for it could be used alone but fame does require witnesses, believers, and admirers. It is possible to acquire power through fame and reverse is also true. But power is a better tool than fame. It can be used directly and the results are more focused VS the democratic and liberal force of fame. Fame depends on the people. Those that believe completely are the greatest source of power VS those who merely follow. Fame can get you ten million supporters but of them less than a million would be die hard fanatics. While power and authority can have a nearly infinite amount of dedicated fanatics. This is particularly true in Beave New World. As seen with Mustapha Mond having total control over the people who are all part of the same process of conditioning, teaching and false joy (146,147,162). Then you have Bernard with his new found “fame” due to John the savage. They are both outcasts, yet John is ironically more accepted by the strange new society then Bernard ever was. However, this doesn’t stop Bernard from trying to get his views across to the others of his kind. For he bundled himself in this fame to not see all the lies he now believed. His own flaws protruded ever so more in his delirious state of grandeur. His words fell upon death ears who merely noted how strange and annoying of a men he was. He never had power and he never had fame, he merely believed that he did which led him to this greatest failure. This is his greatest character flaw, his idyllic imaginative nature. He creates half-truth and lies to make himself feel better, while living in the world of his own misery.

A parasite benefits by using someone else’s power at the expense of that person. While we do not see the immediate negatives of Bernard’s actions on John, we do see the negatives on Bernard as he draws power from John. Bernard gets drunk of the attention that John brings to himself by simply existing and only being accessible through Bernard. He fails to see himself as a middle man and comes up with a sense of being a producer. Ultimately, leading to his own downfall due to a lack of power and fame which he never had to begin with.

Over the Fence

Pure Humanity without technology is as doomed as one with technology without Humanity. Outside the New Mexico Savage Reservation which is in a state of a third world or less country, the rest of the world is an advanced superpower with a lack of human aspects. These two worlds are in conflict with each other due to their opposing ideologies and values. The world of the Reservation is trapped by the world of Advancement, yet the world of Advancement fears the world left behind.

From the modern cities of the world After Ford with its gleaming skyscrapers, orderly and clean, we descend to the dirt, dust and filth of the Reservation. It is there that the savages are born not bred and it is there that they will die, watched by the outside world (99). The savages do not look like modern mankind, they are half clothed, unshaven, uncleaned and in rags (104-105). The follow the older ways of the world with a mix of newer and older, they know of Christianity, yet, their rituals eco the sacrifices made during the reign of the Aztecs (109-110). The still believe in monogamy and take the law into their own hands, when they believe it is broken (118-119). The live in communities and are taught by their elders about the world (125-126). In a sense they know more about themselves VS the world outside their walls. However, they live with death, illnesses, diseases, plague and disorder. Their level of technology is primitive, at best they know how to create bows, knives, pots, and how to work with wood and clay. There is no economy between them, people seem to share or trade what they need but there is no given value for an item. A sense of family is strong in the Savage world and the sins of the parents can be carried by the children (126-127). They are more tuned to their biological nature and the Nature around them. The world of Ford is populated by beings that resemble humans but rarely act like adults (95-96). They wish for immediate rewards, actions and gratitude. They are free to be with many people as they wish at the same time and then to find others to be with. The society is very open to an extent, limited by the rules that govern it. Everyone has a job to do, a place to be, and belong. They do not question their own existence and do not know more than what they need. They believe in Ford and progress. The people are identical with each other within their batch. They are produced, therefore they lack the understanding of family, comradery and of closer ties. But they live well without disease, age, imperfections. But they are empty. They are programmed to believe in what they do, dot not question it. They take drugs to keep themselves happy and do activities that bring them joy, while under the influence of said drug. One world is natural, close to Nature and is dying and the other is artificial and thriving but dead already.
As said before, these two worlds are opposite one another. One hold on to the values of the past, while the other rejects them and substitutes its own. Marriage VS polygamy, freedom to VS freedom from, reality VS fabrication, grown VS made, ancient VS future. When these two worlds collide with no way out for the modern one to leave (112-115), trouble arises (118-119). Seen as an outsider with no morals or self-decency, Linda is seen as a loose woman, who takes away the husband of the married woman, however, she herself doesn’t see and issue with her actions due to her previous life. But the married woman do not care or understand her reasons, they only care about her actions and take their own against her. Instead of talking, explaining or stopping their own husbands they go out and harm Linda, who does not understand why at all. Linda’s son was born not bred in a lab, unlike her. Which leads her to be ashamed of herself, while at the same time accepting that she is a mother (119). This creates a slight bridge between the new and old ways of how human are made. But this also leads to her son being an outcast because of the view the settlement has of his mother and his own external appearance (126-127). It is also unclear if his physical and mental labilities are of the same class as his mother’s or if they are more akin to regular human being.

The Reservation is closed off from the rest of the world by high tension fencing that kills any, who touch it (101-102). The entire Reservation is under control of a warden which is very similar to current prisons and holding facilities for criminals (98-99). Yet, the people in the Reservation at the every least the current ones have not committed any crimes. It is possible that they are of the old ways and therefore in the eyes of the New World order are guilty. Guilty of the old ways that lead to near destruction and the destabilization of the World. Therefore, they made possibly bring ruin upon the New World if allowed to be free. The people of the Reservation remember the old religions, the old thoughts, the old values and practice them. However, it seems that in effort to preserve the past as much as possible, they managed to jumble it up. They have families and love their children and yet they practice sacrifices to get plentiful harvests.

Technology without people is meaningless and people without technology revert to old methods and ways.

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