The world of blade runner is one of possible outcome in relation to our own time. There was not much in the way of implausible technology or the way human behavior would following the events described. The world once again managed to get into a world war that now left only losers on all sides and the world was poisoned. Most people have moved to space to escape the dust that slowly affects those that remain to the point that are not seen as human if they get changed by it. The other major change was the advent of androids for all the people who left earth to live in space, it was an incentive to get more people into space. It is not clear how many people are left, however it would appear that whatever the population of humans in space is so too is the number of androids. This androids also appear to have become very human, to the point that the only way to tell if they are not is to test for involuntary reactions that only normal humans can give.

At the same time because this is all possible and the story creates people who are believable it does not feel different from the real world. Other than the space colonies and the advance androids it all feels bland, ground to earth. I feel like reading on more vs writing this blog about just the first 5 chapters of this story. Almost nothing happened, even the twist with Rachael Rosen who seem completely human up until the point Rick Deckard exposed her for being an android. It did not feel ground breaking, at least not to me. I feel as if this is another example of ideas that shocked people before no longer bother people, at least in my case. This feels like another story that I have read over time, well written but failing to capture me other than with some ideas that by this point I saw somewhere else as well. I was not bother by the idea of androids being identical to humans, or the fact that humans killed earth, or that they now live in space. It is possible that latter on it will get better but for now this start is the same as another story. I may be dismissing this too quickly as just another story but nothing else comes to mind when thinking of what to write. I could summarize the whole thing but even then it would be a few lines with nothing major taken place.

The only thing that really stood out was the fact that people wanted to have animals and legally had to give one if they had two to a person that had none (11-14). This is odd considering how much they cost which often ends up in the upper thousands range and can only be got in a few places and mainly from a catalog. Now this could have been implanted to remind people what was lost, or help keep animals alive with the few left alive. Or it could serve both purposes at the same time. There is a focus on empathy in what remains of humanity and it is also the base test in how to find androids among humans. There is also the distinct lack of people present on earth and book does a good job of emphasizing that is quite, dead, and crumbling with humanity’s mistake (5, 15, 20, and 21).