Thursday 12/1, we had the tremendous gratification to attend the City Tech Science Fiction Archive Collection and let me tell you something: this was an INCREDIBLE experience. That’s why I am taking some of this post to thank Prof. Belli for being the first class who attend the collection. I felt so honored!!!!

It is amazing the job it took to settle the entire collection at the City Tech library and how it first started. Without doubt this collection required a lot of work and dedication for some professors who put their time and passion in organizing and preparing the library to receive this anonymous science fiction collection. The donation which consisted of books, sequels, magazines, journals, among others, were brought from California to New York City and furthermore to our college. According to Prof. Ellis who was the main participant in packing and transferring this collection to the school, there were a total of 103 boxes that were transported to the college. He showed us some of the magazines that are now really preserved in the library and let us take a look to the covers and asked us to pay close attention to the details inside them. There was a lot of advertising, as well as several articles and editorials written by some science fiction authors. What it really caught the attention of some of my classmates and myself is that surprisingly during that time these magazines cost 15 cents!!!! I wish it could have stayed like that. I would have bought an entire bookstore.

issac-asimovBut the most incredible part of this whole visit is that we had the honor to go inside the room where the collection is organized. To me it felt like I was entering another world. Seeing that incredible amount of books and the work they put to keep them the way they are, definitely made me appreciate more and increase my passion towards literature but specially it made grown my interest towards the science fiction genre. I am really thankful that our college New York City College of Technology is trying to make their alumni to become more engaged in the genre and I look forward to have the opportunity to visit it anytime soon.