Rick Deckard is starting to doubt himself and possibly the reasoning behind his job entirely. He realizes how crafty these new types really are. Rick has notices in his run in with the Android Luba Luft that he has sympathy for the Andy’s. The unexpected retiring of Luba in the elevator by Phil Resch has shown to him that he feels for female types, but in reality as Phil Resch pointed out to him “if its love toward a woman or an android imitation, its sex” (page 143). This was proven true because when rick was told that Phil is an android by Garland he believed it entirely, felt nothing when he knew it was only a matter of time before he will retire him during their retreat. “you’re everything we jointly abominate. The essence of what we’re committed to destroy” (page 127).  His reaction towards Phil a suspected android is that of hate, and he simply didn’t like him because of it. But when he thinks or mentions Luba Luft its of admiration “I’ve had enough. She was a wonderful singer. The planet could have used her. This is insane” (page 136). “But Luba Luft had seemed genuinely alive: it had not worn the aspect of a simulation” (page 141). Rick realized you can have empathy towards something artificial like the Androids, and that would include them in their range for animals. If they did that then they can no longer retire Androids they would have to be protected under the law. “If we included androids in our rage of emphatic identification, as we do animals. We couldn’t protect ourselves (page 141)”. If the androids are protected under these laws there would be nothing stopping them from leaving their masters on mars.

In the grand scheme of things Rick understands that he and his profession are needed to stop these new types, “perhaps the better she functions, the better a singer she is, the more i am needed. If androids had remained substandard, like the ancient q-40’s made by Derain associates– there would be no problem and no need for my skill” (page 99). Rick’s happy that these news types are keeping him in business as much as he is amazed at their progression.  The possibilities he seen in Luba Luft opened rick’s eyes to the real threat that he and humanity are facing on earth. “These nexus-6 types…..they’d roll all over us and mash us flat. You and I, all the bounty hunters–we stand between the Nexus-6 and mankind, a barrier which keeps the two distinct” (page 141). Rick Deckard thought of himself as a good bounty hunter, but these new Nexus-6 models prove difficultly he wasn’t prepared for. “You’re a good bounty hunter, Rick realized. Your attitude proves it. But am I? Suddenly, for the first time in his life, he had begun to wonder”  (page 144).