Blade Runner, directed by¬†Ridley Scott is a film adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, by Philip K. Dick, which presents us with a different perspective in terms of the objective that these Nexus-6 androids want to achieve. ¬†The objective of the Replicants was to extend their lifespan, to increase it well beyond four years. ¬†This was something that could not be done, as mentioned by Eldon Tyrell, who says, “The facts of life. ¬†To make an alteration in the involvement of the organic life system is fatal” (1:23:52). ¬†Yet, even though these replicants have not lived for long, they seem to demonstrate¬†so much experience with life.

The first replicant that demonstrates a lot of experience with life is Pris. ¬†As we know, Pris is one of the replicants that escaped the Off-World along with five other replicants in order to escape the life of¬†a slave and to extend her life span. ¬†She demonstrated her experience with life when she first encountered J. F. Sebastian. ¬†Who out of good will offers her a place to stay. ¬†What Pris does seem to know is how the minds of human males work. ¬†She realizes that Sebastian is attracted to her and she decided to seduce him in order to get him to take Roy to Tyrell. ¬†When Roy asked Sebastian if he would help them, he denies at first, then Pris tells him, “We need you Sebastian. ¬†You’re our best, only friend” (1:19:32). ¬†After Pris said¬†this, Sebastian was evidently on board with helping them. ¬†She also uses sympathy from others in order to get people to do her favors.

Another replicant that seems to demonstrate experience with life, is Zhora. ¬†She first appeared in the film as an exotic dancer that wears a considerable amount of body jewelry. ¬†The only way Deckard was able to track her down was because of a photo that he saw, which contained a woman with a snake tattoo that he found in Leon’s apartment. ¬†When Deckard approaches her inside of her own dressing room, he tries to trick her into thinking that he is a government official. ¬†But, it appears that she saw right through his persona and attempts to kill him. ¬†Zhora knows when someone is trying to trick her, as she has done with others in the Off-world. ¬†In addition, she appears to understand the notion of fear, or fear from being hunted. ¬†Which was demonstrated when she was being chased around the city with Deckard as her pursuer. (55:20)

Lastly, Roy Batty who demonstrated to us viewers that replicants can be as diverse as an actual human. ¬†Batty appeared to be the replicant that was the most obsessed with extending his life span. ¬†As he mentions to Tyrell, “I want more life” (1:23:42). ¬†He seems to understand that replicants undergo a life span of four years and he wants to increase that time in order to level with that of a human I suppose. ¬†Within those years, Roy claims to have seen it all. ¬†He also demonstrates to us viewers that he too can feel emotions, as we see him cry, show anger, frustration, somewhat cynical behavior and most of all, he demonstrates assertiveness. ¬†During the final scenes when Roy was chasing Deckard, he chased him not because he wanted to kill him, but to show him how it’s like to be a slave and a replicant. ¬†To live in fear everyday, knowing that one day you will be hunted by a certain Blade Runner. (1:46:22) ¬†Unfortunately, Roy died at the end and lost all of his memories, “like tears” (1:46:58). ¬†He claims that he has experienced moments that no one else has been through, and I assume he wanted to share them.

Overall, the film demonstrated a different perspective in terms of how the androids view life.  The replicants have the ultimate goal of extending their life span as they are not satisfied with living a mere four years.  Even though their lives are short, the replicants have so much experience with life as demonstrated by the number of replicants in the film.  Yet, most of the experience is mainly shown through Roy Batty.  What I enjoyed the most about the film, was the end scene where Batty was able to get such a strong message out to the viewers.