City Tech, Fall 2016

A Guy Named After Mineral Water…

Hello all, my name is Pellegrino which some of you might know as a brand of mineral water that is mildly popular. My name is actually Italian for “pilgrimage”, which I guess my pilgrimage is to find a career at this point in my life. 😀

My hobbies include playing video games, watching movies, reading comics, practicing guitar, drawing, and eating food. I have a lot of projects that I have planned out, but most of them are on hiatus. I would like to eventually make my own video game, that’s a big goal of mine, but other than that it would be nice to make a phone app, write some comics, and maybe even make my own gaming YouTube channel at some point.

I currently am unemployed, but would like to find an internship related to my major (partly because it’s an actual prerequisite for one of my required classes). I used to work at a grocery store, but the company recently went under so I decided to focus more on acquiring an internship and working on school. The main company was A&P, in case you were wondering; I worked for a Waldbaums, a sister company of Pathmark (the more well known supermarket). In any case, I’m working on getting better as a programmer and am doing small projects at home in order to practice.

Honestly, I didn’t really do much during my break. I did take 3 summer classes in the same month, so that was a bit of an interesting experience to have that much work crammed in such a short amount of time. After that month past, I just relaxed at home or went out and played Pokemon Go (I’m currently level 23, if anyone was interested). I also went to Florida for a week, but that was mostly a visit of family and to escort my grandma there to see her daughter/my aunt.

This is me this summer at a gun range in Florida...I forgot what gun this was but it was super fun to shoot and looked crazy cool!

This is me this summer at a gun range in Florida…I forgot what gun this was but it was super fun to shoot and looked crazy cool!

I enjoy being creative and having my voice be conveyed with writing…while at the same time find it tedious to convey it; same with reading, it’s fun to learn about stuff but feels like a chore sometimes compared to more readily available mediums (like movies and TV). I have used OpenLab for only one class before, Technical Writing; it was alright, but I just thought of it as an alternative version of BlackBoard.

I love Science Fiction, whether it’s the classics like Jules Verne or the more modern like Marvel & DC. I have a huge list of favourite Science Fiction properties, some include War of the Worlds, Harrison Bergeron, Back to the Future, Dr. Who, and Megaman X (I think that covers one for each medium). Science Fiction is very much connected to my major because I work with computers, which is an ever emerging technology that constantly changes and could even change the “science fiction” to “science fact”.

I hope to get more analytical with some science fiction stories (like Brave New World, which I read but hardly remember anything about it since it’s been a while) and to also be introduced with some new stuff related to Science Fiction. Also, I hope to get a more creative writing course out of this, since I only took the general education English course and Technical Writing, which just talked about structure and form of documents.

Overall my strengths & weaknesses as a writer, reader, & thinker can be broken down like this:


  1. Organized
  2. Well-versed diction
  3. Stickler for grammar
  4.  Proof-read everything I produce


  1. Take a long time
  2. Find it difficult to stretch stuff out if needed (like page requirements)
  3. Really prefer working at home

Anyway, hope to have a good semester! (And maintain my 3.8 GPA…)


  1. Ruben De La Cruz

    Very nice blog rhino!

  2. Sky Captaina - Alex S

    The rifle in the photo shown is a IWI Tavor SAR Bullpup rifle, a type of rifle made to be shorter then standard versions of rifles but moving most of the mechanical parts and part of the barrel into the stock( or rear end of the rifle) that most of the time is empty space used to help with recoil( the force opposite to the direction of firing ). this makes the overall length less but the barrel length remains the same which keeps the range and effectiveness nearly the same. sorry for writing this, just got interested in the rifle, knew about the type but not the model, so found it in 2 mins and decided to write this up, will comment more on the actual blog after this.

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