Phillips novel “Do Androids Dream Of Electrical Sheep” is an amazing piece of work. It’s amusement comes from the fact that most of the content in this novel are un-realistic. When I read chapter one I realized that it’s talking about future. A fictional future that might exist one day. Especially the fact that people live in Mars those days. When I got to chapter 2 I already know that humans are haunting devices developed so well that it can almost think and predict actions on its own. Which is ironic because humans ended haunting Droids that they created to serve them. Not only that it’s about humans and Droids. It’s also about the inner part of the human soul has been tampered with. A quote from Iran’s character ” I was in a 382 mood” clearly indicates that the brain of a human is being controlled. How exactly can some one decide what they feel and how their emotion toward something is being controlled. Although in chapter one it Tells us that there is devices that are placed to do such a thing except that the novel have not yet told us what goes wrong if all humans brain are controlled by a machine ? Maybe the outcome of the war and the destruction of earth is the answer but not yet told exactly. In chapter 2 and 3 no details were told about the world instead it went deep to a human made sheep that is considered a humanity symbol. And later a murder happened, who did it is actually a droid. An advanced model of droids that are capable of becoming humans. Looking like a human deeply. In conclusion, I believe there is more to know about and till here I think we are going to Mars soon in coming chapters.