We are introduced with a group of workers who appear as though they worked feverishly during their shift and just have nothing left in their tanks.¬† “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang (1927), seems to be an extraordinary film that shows a great example of a full-fledged dystopia in play.¬†Dome shaped entrances are where the workers that are done for the day enter, as well as the workers that are going to be replacing them (4:05). ¬†By the looks of it, these people are obviously overworked. ¬†But the reason behind all of this is to keep the city called Metropolis alive.¬† There are two levels of Metropolis. ¬†The above city, which is filled with the wealthy and presented with a luxurious lifestyle. ¬†Then the below city, which is filled with oppressed workers along with a poor and cramped feel to the place.

In the city above, Freder, Joh Frederson’s son, is found in the luxurious garden where there are people of wealth surrounding him and he appears to have no worries in the world (8:00). ¬† Then a woman of the City of workers is introduced along with many children in an attempt to show them what being wealthy looks like. ¬†Freder then develops an interest for this woman and attempts to find her in the Machine-halls, but instead of finding her he is exposed to the truth about what goes on below his father’s beautiful city. ¬†There were workers everywhere, no breaks for the workers, and most of them are at the point of collapsing (13:38). ¬†Freder then went to his father who he referred to as,¬† “…the brain of this city…” (23:52). ¬†So that he can uncover¬†information about where do these workers live,¬†but apparently his father showed no ounce of remorse for his worries.

Joh Frederson is a very strict man that is obviously the mastermind as to what goes on in his city.  He dislikes hints of betrayal, as shown with Josaphat who does a poor job of informing him as to what goes on in the depths of the city (27:35).  He then fires Josaphat after two misinformed incidents involving the machine-hall, back-to-back, without hesitation.

Soon after, Freder enters the Machine-halls and sees another worker collapse,¬†he tells this worker, “Listen to me… I want to trade my life with you…”¬†(34:27). ¬†This exemplifies that Freder would like to get a glimpse as to what life within the depths is like. ¬†It was also a chance to find this woman that he took so much interest in. ¬†Once Freder found Maria, she was standing on higher ground and preaching that there will soon be a Mediator. ¬†“The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be The Heart!” (55:39), was what Maria mentioned at the end of her preaching. ¬†The mediator is a position that Freder suited perfectly because he was not against fair treatment for all. ¬†Along with the fact that he is a man of wealth that is willing to extend a helping hand to the people within the depths.

There was a scene that was a bit odd to say the least. ¬†The one where Rotwang is first introduced as this mad-looking scientist that seems to operate under the command of Joh. ¬†Rotwang created a¬†robot that resembles that of a female body,¬†he calls it the “Machine-Man”¬†(43:30). ¬†Basically a Machine-man can act with a mind of its own as if it were a human, but the difference is that someone needs to command it. ¬†Rotwang keeps a bust of Hel, the late wife of Joh, and he wishes to recreate her which shows that he has some sort of infatuation with her.

Later on we are introduced with the creation of a cyborg. ¬†Maria being chosen as the original to copy (1:23:10). ¬†Rotwang hopes that she will do his bidding and completely destroy everything that Joh Frederson created. ¬†So the Machine-man uses Maria’s status as a¬†preacher of the Mediator, in order to influence the workers to destroy all the machines that run Metropolis (1:42:00). ¬†The workers happily indulged on the permission to destroy everything that they built because they were just tired of all of the labor they had to endure just to keep the machines going. ¬†But what the workers did not know is that they were actually destroying their own lives. ¬†The Heart-Machine, which pretty much holds all of Metropolis together (1:50:09), is like the heart of the city. ¬†Once that is destroyed everything else will be destroyed along with it.

Lastly, after the Heart-machine was destroyed the city of workers began to collapse and the homes of the workers along with it.  The workers were incredibly blinded by rage, that they completely forgot about their children.  Maria, Josaphat, and Freder were all present to save the children while the enraged workers were dancing joyfully in front of a demolished Heart-Machine.  The workers soon realize the mistakes they have made and decided to take out the source of the issue which was the Machine-man (2:17:00).  With the Machine-man burning at a stake, the real Maria is being kidnapped by Rotwang, then was saved by Freder.

Overall, the film had many twists and turns involving many scenes that included sprinting from place to place. ¬†The exposure of the workers conditions was the only way for Freder to become the Mediator, if he wasn’t exposed than this type of dysfunctional society would have continued. ¬†The workers planning to overthrow Joh was completely expected, due to his ambition of keeping his wonderful city running at all times. ¬†The catacombs which was mentioned in the film, had presented us with the seven deadly sins. ¬†The person who seems to fit with all of the sins is Rotwang. ¬†Considering his ambitions and how he views Joh Frederson. ¬†As the Mediator Freder was finally able to fulfill his task, and get Grot, the chief of the workers and his father Joh to shake hands and hopefully commence a new way to reform their society¬†(2:26:13).