So it is a good thing to always find out who is really a human or an android, but one thing that makes it really difficult is knowing what a human really is and what an android really is. After reading the other chapters in Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, it seems that we’ve been seeing events of how the people are trying to know which human is an actual android. They would either keep asking questions that only a real human can do and what an android cannot do when that question has been asked. But no matter what the case was of knowing who the android is, they can always point their finger at someone and say “Are you an android?” all the time.

For example, in chapter 9, page 110-111, there was a part when Rick, the bounty hunter, was arrested by a cop named Officer Crams for asking Luba Luft some questions which she thought were sexual. When Officer Crams was driving Rick to the new Hall of Justice, he demanded the Officer to drive him to the Old Hall of Justice instead, but no matter what, the cop still refuses. So as he was not following Rick’s directions, he then said to him “Admit to me that you’re an android” (110).  But then the cop said to Rick “Maybe you’re an android, with a false memory, like they give them” (111). This event shows even when you try to tell someone what you really want to do and they don’t do exactly what they want you to do, they’ll just keep on saying or claiming that they’re the androids with no evidence whatsoever. So in serious business, you can’t just claim to someone that they’re androids if they’re not following your directions, or if they have “false memories” if you just remember something that is important.

Now if there was a way we can tell which is a human or an android, then a human must have one simple thing that all humans have. In Chapter 11, page 124, Rick has said to both Inspector Garland and Phil Resch that they don’t really support each whenever they have problems on their own. And the Garland said to Rick “I think you’re right; it would seem we lack a specific talent you humans possess. I believe it’s called empathy.” This shows that in order to tell the difference of what a human or an android really is, they would to know the word empathy. So how you determine to know who is the android is by knowing if they have any feelings. In other words, they would have to show emotions like any other humans would do.