Our visit to the Science Fiction Archive was encouraging. I admired the fact that so much effort and hard work was used in making this archive possible. Not often people would sacrifice their time, much less their summer to put together a collection for students benefit. It amazes me that the sci-fi archive was brought in cross-country, recycled from one scholar to the next. This alone shows me the care teachers have for all students by providing us with such a stacked collection. I say this because it’s more than a pay check for some educators, besides I respect the commitment of intellectuals who use their expertise and resources to benefits others well-being.

The smell of old books with new prints opened up my fascination with this archive. As a history enthusiast, I was excited to see prints as far as the twenties. Sadly, those text was preserved in plastic, besides I was just too nervous to touch them for the reason it was in sensitive condition. Still, it was great to see it, just the thought of the journey those text experienced, along with the many people whom flicked through the pages. Moreover, there were books from World War II, the events of that era is so historical that imagining the context of those stories was impactful in so many ways. At the time, the entire world was in turmoil, not knowing the outcome of the world war. I can imagine the numerous amount of post-war dystopian/utopian tales that gave people insight on the future. While visiting the thought of this rattled my mind, with addition to the powerful advertisement in the magazines of that time.

If given the opportunity I would love to spend more time in the archive. Simply to get a glance of the past through the eyes of authors who envisioned great possibilities. Believe it or not, I would like to work in the archive just to get a hands on feel of the collection, maybe sneak a few reading every now and then. Overall, the visit to the archive was worth the trip as I did appreciate the historic collection of science fiction. In time, I hope the archive will increase, as well as improved to a larger space to fit historic figurines of science fiction and classic text that would make City Tech’s science fiction archive the best.