My original proposal was about the theme of exotic weapons and how it affects the plot, but after further research and planning, I feel as though this proposal is much better and much clearer.  I stumbled upon a sub genre of Science Fiction that I have never heard of, namely Military Science Fiction.  This sub genre involves the use of weaponry in a sort of speculative futuristic way.  One of which helps shape our real-world military’s creation of weapons and battleships.  My new proposal is how the parallels between science fiction and real-world weapons were created due to the influence that the genre has towards military weapon production.

A good example of the influence that Science Fiction has on real-world applications, is the exposure of battleships and other air crafts.  The production of air crafts or the model of the aircraft can be derived by the battleships that we see in films.  Take the film, Star Wars for example; there are parallels between their X-wings that occasionally hover about and the fighter jets that the military currently produce.  The architecture and the structure are slightly different, yet they serve the same purpose.  In addition, a huge similarity is present in terms of how both air crafts operate.  Both are essentially built for maneuvering and attacking during a battle.  They also display similar thrusters when they accelerate.

We often see parallels in terms of mobile weaponry used by military soldiers that is comparable to weapons exemplified in Science Fiction works.  Laser weapons were especially popular with military research as they attempted to implement a sort of weapon that can fire a high intensity laser towards targets.  However, lasers were made to be used as targeting instead of harming hostiles, in addition to that they can cause blindness.  If we were to look at the Halo series, we can see how the Spartans are often seen with sophisticated armor and weapons such as laser rifles.  Whereas, real-world military soldiers often possess heavily armored clothing, mostly bullet proof vests, and standard rifles.  Though standard, these rifles often come equipped with laser sights or laser pointers that help with firing precision.  Thus, we see similarities in terms of how soldiers are often depicted to have both armor and weapons equipped at all times.

Again, there are many parallels that are presented between weapons from works of Science Fiction and real-world military weapons.  With the utilization of the sub-genre Military Science Fiction, I am confident that I will be able to provide a great explanation in terms as to how Science Fiction works help influence the production and research of weapons.



I took a different approach in terms of finding out what I really wanted to do my research project on.  I originally began with the idea as to how the use of exotic weapons affected the plot of Science Fiction works, but something about that seemed strange to me.  It was a good starting point nonetheless, but I felt that discussing parallels between the Science Fiction weaponry to real-world military weapons was more interesting to me.

I followed the advice that Moises and Professor Belli mentioned, where I had to look around a bit more and solidify what I wanted to do.  If I didn’t take this new approach then I would not have discovered Military Science Fiction.  The discussion of parallels is something that we have been doing throughout the semester, where we would compare similarities between novels, literature, and films.  Hopefully with this new proposal, others will get a better sense as to what I want to research.  I have also gathered interesting sources and films that I plan on reviewing later on.



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