My name is Pamela Drake and I was born and grew up in London, England.  I come from a big family all whom live in England.  Of my 7 siblings, I am the only one who lives abroad and I really miss them.  That’s why I try to visit as much as possible. However, I have my three children to keep me busy and believe me they truly do.

Over the summer, I went to the beach and amusement parks (see pics below) but for the most part, I spent my summer reading. I also acquired a cat (Leo) who is so sweet and super smart.  He will be on Youtube someday (Lol).



Other than that, I worked all summer. I work at Citytech and have worked at the college for the past 12 years. That includes working on the 3rd floor for a VP no longer at the college. I also worked for Student Life & Development  and Entertainment  Technology. My current position is in the business office working part-time as an administrative  assistant.  My goal is continue working for Citytech as I the educational atmosphere but to obtain a director position.

I chose Professional and Technical Writing because I genuinely love to write and incorporating STEM is so highly in demand.  I was also an Entertainment Technology student was able to transfer  my courses to the major.  Writing allows me to express my thoughts and creativity through critical thinking.  I believe that in order to succeed, reading and writing is essential.  My weakness is that I sometimes try to perfect my piece the first time I write instead of just writing what comes to mind and then revising later. I find that often slows me down.  My objective is not to do that this semester.

I was introduced to Open Lab last semester so I am still learning how to use it.  In fact, I only recently started using social media and just becoming familiar with it.  When thinking about “new media”, I think about the ever changing innovations that allow information to be digitally processed and transfered over space and time. New media allows us to have electronic interaction and become not just the audience but also the authors.

Upon thinking about Science fiction, I often wonder who comes up with this type of fiction. I wonder what is going on in their mind and how crazy or realistic it can be.  Of all the genres, I like to watch sifi movies becasue of the depths that they can go and becasue of the innovations and technological ideas they present.

My most important expectation for this course/semester is to learn from every course that I take.  I want to learn practical lessons that I can immediately apply to my job and my life and pass on to others.  Already, in this clas and this first homework assignment, I have started to learn about concepts and structure and I can’t wait to learn more.