Project Progress – SEO

After brainstorming ideas, I finally decided on focusing my project on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). My objective is to explore the factors that make one website more visible than another.

Despite the setback of not feeling well, I spent some time last week looking into the strategies, techniques and tactics that are applied by SEOs. This included white and black hat philosophies and the use of online keyword tools that can be accessed to find out how often certain words have been used in searches. I have also looked into the algorithms process of formulating answers in response to search questions and the search engine return pages (SERPs) process of listing results returned in response to a query or search word. I have also described the role that a target audience plays in determining types of searches.

After checking out several websites, I selected two travel map webpages to formulate an analysis (Citymapper and Moovit) and commenced a comparison report using a side-by-side SEO comparison tool. The report consists of an on-page analysis which includes the number of words, the number of link and unlinked words, the number of links on the page and the page size.

For the¬†interactive component of my¬†project, I¬†will focus on,¬†a company founded to develop smarter ways of using existing technologies. The goal is to investigate the site and ultimately, increase its search engine ranking through optimization. I will first install and activate the¬†Google Analytic¬†plugin and create an account. I will use Google Analytics¬†to monitor your website’s traffic to detect any significant statistical variation.

Looking into next week, I will continue researching white hat and black hat approaches and also update the comparison report and the interactive report.


Project Progress Reflection

I must admit, I was hesitant about creating a LinkedIn account after I was more than encouraged to do so by everyone in the class. Once I finally created my account, I was a bit surprised¬†and pleased to see its resemblance to a Facebook newsfeed. I didn’t know what to expect after I created my account but it wasn’t how I imagined it at all.


My current profile

Like any other social media platform, the first order of business was to make connections and unfortunately, I only had two that the database could automatically find. Once inside the realm of the platform, I found a number of interesting things that were purposely pointed out to me. These things include:

  1. A link that said “Are you sure nothing is hiding about you online? Search yourself before they start digging”, which I found to be quite interesting because it reiterates the notion of self-presentation and practicing honesty online which I fully intend to do.
  2. Just like Facebook, conversations can take place on the platform.
  3. My profile strength is at the beginners stage as it should be. I am fairly new to the social platform and I have lots to learn to get it to at least an intermediate level by the time my project comes to a close.
  4. I can view my profile in the eyes of my viewers. Essentially, LinkedIn encourages me to look my best which then will generate an increasing number of people who have stopped to view my profile. Currently I have zero viewers but again, I am fairly new and need to strategize if I intend to increase my number of viewers.
  5. While in the process of getting my profile up and running, it said, ” Folayemi, profile views matter”. If it was any other social media platform such as my Facebook and Pinterest account, I¬† could care less about my following because I own those platforms for my own personal enjoyment. However, LinkedIn differs in that it is used to build an individuals professional identity. Therefore, it is important if an individual wishes to seek employment or gain entrepreneurship in their industry or field.


Moving forward with my project, I intend to update my resume so that I can add it to my profile as well as use other individuals’ profiles as an example/guide to perfect my profile and present myself in a manner that LinkedIn encourages. Screenshot_2015-11-24-12-04-30[1]For instance, I happened to find Jake Counselbaum¬†LinkedIn profile and it was as professional and up to date as it could get. I thought to myself, this is what my profile should look like but then I remembered I am only an unemployed 21 year old college student and that should reflect in my profile. Jake Counselbaum without a doubt has more experience than I do but that doesn’t mean I am less professional, I am merely professional in the experiences I’ve had and currently have. So looking toward the future, my profile can definitely look like his one day if I choose to continue to participate in the platform after my project.

Something else I noticed when beginning my profile was profile pictures. Most of them were not selfie-oriented profile pictures, but clean, crisp headshots. I immediately thought to myself that I could not just put up any photo I like from my gallery of photos but, my profile photo needs to:

  1. Look like me: up-to-date, that reflects how I look on a daily basis.
  2. Depict my face (not the scenery in the background or my chest to distract people from what I look like if they were to meet me face-to-face).
  3. Have at least a smile, not a serious face that depicts to a potential employer that I cannot have a pleasant conversation with them.

I am slowly taking in my new found social platform and all it has to offer. With time and knowledge, it will definitely look different from how it began. I intend to take notes over the course of managing, and editing my profile. I also want to utilize the news feed of topics that I’ve followed such as Social Impact, Professional Women, and Healthcare to see where they will take me in my journey of using my new social platform.