Class Notes

HW for next week:
Final  presentation between 12-15 minutes
Draft presentation 10 minutes

  • We will get draft grades for the feedback¬† presentations
  • Everything¬† required for the final is submitted¬† in the draft
  • Deadlines are firm. No late work will be accepted
  • Everything¬† is being submitted in one post on open lab as the final progress report
  • Everything will be linked out to eportfolio¬† with attached presentation
  • There is an expectation that there is an integration of revision¬† and feedback. There will be consequences if the lengthy¬† feedback is not incorporated¬† in the final product.
  • Eportfolio¬† should be professional and personalized
  • The deliverables, progress blogs, and multimodal¬† attributes are not part of the write up but sources linking out is encouraged and recommended.
  • Utilize the open lab space to display project in the way that works best for your particular project
  • Make sure your final content does not consist solely of the source material

Suggested approach:

  1. Write up
  2. Presentation
  3. Reflection

Start with framing the project

  • The thought process and reasoning behind the Eportfolio¬† will be included in the reflection
  • Please leave comments and questions under each progress post
  • Key question: How does this project influence your thoughts on new media writing?

One thought on “Class Notes

  1. Thank you for posting these notes Ashley. We spent some time at the beginning of class identifying orders for the two rounds of presentations these next two weeks, and that was a very important aspect of these Class Note (they were written on the board, but no one else has records of them). Please revise this post ASAP to include those orders.

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