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The project so far has been a process of constant revision. As of the last class I have created clear guidelines as to how I will define the key points of the process.


The key to analyzing the success of the project will be in the definition of successful branding. Successful branding will be considered remaining authentic and transparent throughout the entirety of the development process. The goal is to create content for the benefit of the brand and not to bring foot traffic.


  1. Audience interaction will be measured to objectively view how others interact with my brand.
  2. Daily content must be produced for the purpose of furthering the brand. Any content not directly related to the brand is not considered authentic and therefore unsuccessful.
  3. Blog posts will be daily starting 11/24 and a weekly vlog describing each day’s style will be posted on Sundays.

This past week has pushed me to go beyond my usual process and constantly revise and revisit my work. While I am creating and editing my blogs, I constantly go back to my initial research and question whether I am being authentic. While I want my blog to be consistent with the guidelines that are set, I would like to make my brand appealing. The balance between authenticity and appeal is my internal dilemma.

I am not satisfied with my progress at this point but I am working towards progressing. In the coming week my goal is to post at least 5-6 times on Twitter a day. Since incorporating hash tags in my posts, I have gotten mentioned on the official Dove account. There have also been 5 more views to my blog over the weekend. The hash tag  “natural hair” has been a key aspect of how I have been promoting my brand and it has gotten some attention on Instagram.Over the Thanksgiving break I will be posting consistently.

2 thoughts on “Self Reflection

  1. Thanks Ashley for this post. The Project Progress posts should be more detailed, however (a minimum of 500 words … you have just about 3/5 of that here), and to be as specific as possible. I see that you are somewhat distinguished your notion of “successful branding” from “foot traffic” (and instead are aligning it with notions of authenticity and transparency), but it needs some further clarification bout what “successful branding” means in this project. What are you aiming to do? And how will you know (and measure/assess) whether you have achieved those goals? If you are not looking at foot traffic or analytics, how will you “objectively view how others interact with my brand” (#1, under your “Guidelines”)?

    Also, can you be more specific about your progress (and plans for next week)? What is the relationship between blogs, tweets, your branding, etc?

    These progress posts also give you a chance to post in-progress drafts of your deliverables (e.g., you could share some of your content, or reflections).

    They also must be posted by the due date (Monday nights), in order to receive feedback … going forward, I won’t be looking at them / providing feedback if they are not submitted on time.

    Finally, and perhaps most important, I want to follow-up on your I know the status of your proposal and project. I know that, after our conference in class last Thursday, we agreed you would email by that night (11/19) once you finished your proposal revisions, so that I could look it over, and provide any feedback as necessary. I also followed up with you on Sunday (11/22), but haven’t gotten a response. I know you were just about there with the logistics of the project, but time is getting very very short. Please let me know when it is ready for me to look at. I’m glad that you are continuing to do project work (research, next steps of the project) in the meantime as well, but this crucial requirement of the project (due weeks ago) has still not been formally met.

  2. To further clarify the “objectively view how others interact with my brand” I will be stepping back and looking at the content I have produced from a critical view. This will allow me to observe how others interact with my brand within the natural hair movement. The overall goal is to produce content that will have a positive impact.
    I will be adding a mission/vision statement to clearly state the purpose of the brand to limit confusion. The purpose of the cross posting is to maximize the use of the multimedia aspect as well as promote and circulate the content across various platforms.

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